EVEN announces their latest H Series headphones: The EVEN H3

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The EVEN H3 headphones are the company’s latest H Series headphone which we’ve reviewed in the past. The company is launching the EVEN H3 in a new campaign squarely aimed at Apple’s Beats headphones. The campaign is humourously named, “Don’t get beat by Beats.” EVEN’s sound is created with a technology they call EarPrint. The idea is based around the fact that we all hear differently and tuning the headphone to the listener is the best experience available.

Everyone hears differently, and EVEN’s award-winning EarPrint technology allows users to create a personalized audio profile, which is a snapshot of an individual’s hearing profile based on how they hear different frequencies in each ear. Then, EVEN’s headphones, or any product with the EarPrint technology built in, adjusts the way sound is delivered to each ear, creating a customized listening experience for every person.

EVEN is pulling back the curtain on the “one-sound-fits-all” proffered not just by major headphone brands, but across all of personal audio, that poses as “innovation” and charges consumers a hefty premium. With the Don’t Get Beat by Beats campaign, EVEN urges consumers to re-consider the sound quality of their current headphones or earbuds of choice and to better understand what’s missing. Just like eyesight, each person’s hearing is unique, yet headphones, from Beats and Apple to Bose and others, are still built in a one-sound-fits-all model.

“We’ve launched our Don’t get beat by Beats campaign because enough is enough. Consumers deserve better than what they’re currently being told is high quality by companies spending millions on advertising over innovation to convince them of such,” says Danny Aronson, CEO and Co-founder of EVEN. “That’s why in addition to offering technology and quality unmatched by these competitors, we’ve also cut our pricing from the industry standard for premium headphones ($300USD+) by at least half to $149.99USD because everyone deserves to have great quality and hear music the way it was intended.”

EVEN is also taking to the streets of New York City with a pop-up experience at 130 Greene Street. You can purchase the EVEN H3 for $149.99USD there or directly from EVEN’s website.

What do you think of the H3 headphones and EarPrint technology? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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