Samsung Kids gets an update with new content and age expansion


Let’s face it. This generation of kids is going to grow up with technology in hand nearly 24/7. Samsung Kids is aiming to make that reality a little easier to manage for parents. Samsung Kids brings engaging and fun content to kids via their Samsung tablet or phone.

Today, Samsung Kids has expanded the age ranges for the service to 3 to 12 years old from the previous 3 to 8-year-old range before, launching new content, games, and materials to accommodate the new age range, keeping children’s attention while out of school.

Samsung Kids now supports eight languages, with the service adding Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean and Portuguese in the service, in addition to English. To access the new update, Galaxy device owners should head to the Google Play store to download the new version of the Samsung Kids service.

Samsung Kids

Here’s just an example of what you can find on the new app for kids ages 9-12:

  • Diffission: Diffission is a fractions learning game for all ages aligned to Common Core standards. Learn about fractions by slicing through deceptively simple shapes, manipulate swap and dissolve blocks, and earn the title of Diffissionist. With seemingly endless procedurally generated puzzles, Diffission challenges even the most experienced learners.
  • Dr. Guts: Enroll as a research intern to the curious Dr. Guts, a specialist in human physiology with rather… unusual methods. Perform experiments on organs in the digestive system, the respiratory system, and other body systems, making connections and solving problems to treat your patients. Dr. Guts is a body systems learning game aligned to middle school science standards.
  • Faktr: Protect your home base in this fast-paced arcade-style game. Take control of a ship and use your factoring skills to break down asteroids. Unlock upgrades like more health, faster speed, and the time-slowing infinity drive. Each level finishes off with a boss fight! You’ll need strategy and quick reactions. Gain a better understanding of addition and division through play and develop strategy skills through calculating risk.
  • Lightsmith: Help Beambot bring light into deep space! Filter, reflect and split light waves as you solve intricate puzzles and restore inactive way stations along the intergalactic highway. Can you conquer 50 mind-bending levels to help Beambot succeed in his mission? Learn about various characteristics of light, and apply them in different ways.
  • Sim Cell: Infiltrate and defend the microscopic universe of a living cell in this exciting puzzle adventure game. Navigate a tiny nanobot to explore the inside of human and plant cells and gather information to solve the puzzle to prevent a virus invasion. Learn about cellular processes in plants and animals, protein synthesis, DNA, cell respiration and how cells combat viruses.

What do you think of the recent updates to Samsung Kids? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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