[Infographic] 20 podcasts to inspire creativity

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Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen podcasts explode on the scene. The number of Americans listening to them continues to rise, the ad spend is growing at an exponential rate, and there are over half a million podcasts available to listen to. Those numbers are not only remarkable by nature, but they only continue to rise as the podcast industry continues to gain traction. Whether you’ve only listened to one podcast in your life or you go through one a day, it’s pretty evident why they’re so popular.

Podcasts not only benefit the listener, but also the host/promoter. They’re interesting, fun, and most importantly—free. Content marketers and business professionals alike have capitalized on the growing trend by adopting a podcast to appeal to their digital audience. Not only is it convenient to consume, it’s provides yet another rather inexpensive outlet to reach and grow an audience as well as provide fresh, engaging content.

Podcasts listeners benefit tremendously as well. Much like the advent of audiobooks, podcasts are mobile. Plus, there’s a podcast for every niche, genre, and interest. They’ve been proven to have many benefits. Podcasts have the ability to help you become more imaginative, at work and in everyday life. Like reading, they help you discover and learn new things about the world we live in. And one of the biggest benefits of podcasts is their ability to help inspire creativity. It’s easy to get in a creativity rut which in turn can impact our productivity, no matter what industry you’re in. Artists, musicians, marketers, and entrepreneurs alike can re-energize their creative juices by listening to the right podcasts.

Check out this infographic Invaluable created that highlights some of the best podcasts to help get your creativity back in full effect. Browse through business favorites like “Great Women of Business” hosted by Vanessa Richardson and Molly Brandenburg and designer Mark Hirons’ “Creative Waffle” to gather the daily inspiration you need to be productive and efficient in your work life.


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*Opinions expressed in this article and infographic are those of their authors and creators and do not reflect the staff at Techaeris.

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