The Amazing Spider-Man #1 review: That old Parker luck but…

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The Amazing Spider-Man #1 with writer Nick Spencer (You know him from Hydra Cap), and art/ cover by Ryan Ottley is out and it has me excited. After finishing this issue, I may just be more excited about this book than any other this year. Why? You ask. There is a potential to scrub from time and memory that One More Day ending to the marriage of Peter and MJ… maybe. I’m hopeful!!!

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Dan Slott had an incredible 10 year run writing ASM and his making Peter on par with Tony Stark with Parker Industries was, well could have been, a game changer — had it not all been wiped out back to reset. That good old Parker luck again. So now we find Peter headed into a real low point in his life. Other superheroes don’t respect Spidey, he’s been fired as the Science Editor of the Daily Bugle, and Aunt May has lost respect for him due to the reasons why. Yep, this is a Spider-Man book!

The Amazing Spider-Man #1Ryan Ottley’s art looks great. Dynamic poses, a good Spidey familiarity, and style that makes one instantly feel at home here. The book has many guest appearances and they all look great. Colors pop and the action to drama ratio in this 46-page opening book is pretty much even. There are no dull parts to the story or lulls where it feels like the new creative team is trying to figure this out. It “feels” like they have a plan and a map to get there. Hopeful that will include Peter and MJ tying the knot or getting their memories back of their past. I have to hold out hope here.

Wrap Up

Should you buy this book? The answer is a resounding YES! Get in on the ground floor to what promises to be a fun ride through the Spiderverse!


The Amazing Spider-Man #1








Nailed it

  • The potential to fix a long overdue story line retcon
  • I'm liking the art and the story setup

Needs work

  • Not sure why we had to start over at #1, I'm sure this will revert back to legacy numbering

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