Leaked photos show Google Pixel 3 XL notch is large and in charge

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The Google Pixel 3 XL is Google’s much-anticipated follow-up to their Pixel 2 XL. Past Pixels have seen a best-in-class camera along with a pure Android experience. Now, new leaked photos of the Pixel 3 XL reveal a few new design cues. Including a notch that is large and in charge.

When Essential made a notched screen it was basically as big as the camera. When Apple made their notch on the iPhone X there was a lot of reaction. Some thought it looked horrible, and some still do, while others didn’t mind it. Since then, many Android OEM’s have followed Essential and Apple’s lead and are using the notch design.

Google is obviously doing this as well but holy cow! That notch is huge! I’m hoping that this prototype Pixel 3 XL isn’t the final version of the screen we’ll see. Notches on phones don’t generally bother me but this one seems very exaggerated.

Pixel 3 XL
Front and back.

Some other things of interest are that this EVT (Engineering Validation Test) Pixel is sporting 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. There are dual front-facing speakers and the chin just seems bigger than it should be. The back is all glass and has the fingerprint sensor where most prefer it. There is also a rumor that this Pixel will have wireless charging. Good news for many who have wanted this feature.

Other than the giant notch and the girthy chin. I like what I’m seeing here. I can get past the chin. It’s that notch that just seems extreme but maybe Google has a reason for this design. Or maybe, this isn’t at all what we’re going to see in the final product. All we can do is speculate.

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