Google France ditches Google+ in favour of Twitter and Facebook


It’s been a while since “Google+ is dead” posts flared up but a recent post by Google France may just start the ball rolling again. In their post to Google’s own social media site, Google France state that they will be closing their G+ page and ask that people follow them on Facebook or Twitter instead.

Screengrab of Google France’s G+ post.

For those of you who don’t speak French, the post (as translated) reads:

We did not know how to announce it, but here is the +Google France Google+ page that will close this weekend. A big THANK YOU to all your contributions during these beautiful years. ❤

To follow all the news of Google, it’s here:
→ Twitter:
→ Facebook:

The post was accompanied by a short video of searches being performed through Google’s search engine on how to best say goodbye. It is kind of odd that there’s no real mention of why the choice to close the Google+ page down. However, like many other Google G+ pages, the Google France account wasn’t overly active with the last post being 46 weeks ago so it’s not likely to be missed. The previous post to that was another 4 weeks, showing just how infrequently they were updating their page. 

While Google France is but one regional entity of the tech giant, a quick search of other regional Google pages show similar infrequent postings. It’s been 12 weeks since Google Canada posted and 10 weeks for both the main Google and Google UK accounts. It’ll be interesting to see if other regional Google pages follow suit as well.

Of course, the shuttering of the Google France Google+ page and the infrequent posting by other regional Google entities on their social media network does bring the question of what Google is intending to do with it. There haven’t been any notable updates to the social media service lately, perhaps the naysayers were right after all and Google+ is dying a slow, painful death.

We’ve reached out to Google Canada to see if they have similar plans and will update this post should we officially hear back.

What do you think about Google France’s decision to stop using their own social media product? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on August 24, 2018.


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