Sonos unveils Sonos Amp and steps deeper into smart home integration

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Today, Sonos unveiled their all-new Sonos Amp, an home audio hub that powers traditionally wired speakers with sound from nearly any source, and fully integrates those speakers into Sonos’ wireless home sound system.  The all-new Amp is twice as powerful as its predecessor, supports Apple’s AirPlay 2 and more than 100 streaming services, and includes an HDMI Arc port for TVs.  Launching globally in February 2019, the $599USD Amp will be available to professional installers in the United States and Canada starting Dec. 1, 2018.

Amp is designed to fit into standard AV racks used by custom install professionals and can power up to four speakers with 125 watts per channel. The company says this is more than enough for even the most demanding set-ups.  Onboard HDMI and line-in ports means TVs, turntables, CD changers, and other audio components can easily connect with Amp and become part of the Sonos system.

Sonos Amp System

Amp’s thoughtfully designed and versatile hardware was built to power the Sonos software platform.  New updates to the platform make it easy for installers to incorporate Amp into integrated smart home set-ups, including smart lighting and centralized control systems.  It is also AirPlay 2 compatible, meaning music and other audio from any iOS device can be played wirelessly through Amp.  And when wirelessly connected to an Amazon Alexa-enabled device like a Sonos One or Beam, Amp is controllable with voice commands.  Finally, like other Sonos devices, Amp will gain new features, services, and integrations over time through free software updates, ensuring customers will get the best from their set-up for years to come.   

“The growth of the Sonic Internet – the convergence of paid streaming, the smart home, and artificial intelligence through voice technologies drives everything we do at Sonos,” said Sonos CEO Patrick Spence.  “While plug-and-play options like Sonos Beam and Sonos One are an important part of the equation, architectural sound and making it even easier to integrate with lighting and home control are equally as important.  We’ve listened to custom installers and dealers to create Amp, a versatile product designed to be at the center of the smart home sound experience.”

Sonos Amp Product Specifics:

  • More Power. More Possibilities. Packing 125 Watts per channel, Amp powers even the most demanding speakers.  You can now power up to four speakers instead of two.
  • Enjoy music, TV, and more. Amp has an HDMI ARC port and an input for an additional audio source, whether listening on floor standing speakers, integrated home theater, or through a turntable.    
  • Power home theater sound. Use Amp to add stereo sound to TV, add wireless rears to a Sonos home-theater setup or two Amps for surround sound.
  • Stream everything. Listen to music, podcasts, radio, audiobooks, and more.  Also, play all the music stored on a computer or other devices. 
  • Works with AirPlay. With Amp, use AirPlay 2 to send the sound from an iPhone or iPad to any speakers in the home sound system. 
  • Choose how to control. Use the Sonos app on a phone or tablet, TV remote, keypads, AirPlay 2, or through voice with Amazon Echo and Alexa-enabled devices.
  • More ways to customize the experience. New APIs and deeper integrations with the Sonos platform partners create seamless smart home control. 
  • Wireless. Or not. Enjoy solid and reliable WiFi performance, or connect Amp to an ethernet cable and easily turn the WiFi off in the Sonos app. 
  • Stereo or dual mono sound. Whether configuring Amp for an open floor plan or a custom listening room, create the best experience. 
  • Engineered for reliability. With a centralized heatsink, air inlets, and a discrete output stage, Amp is built to keep its cool and deliver lasting power. 
  • Amazingly pure sound. Direct digital input eliminates the need for analog conversion, so you get clear, undistorted sound for music streaming and your TV. 
  • Custom speaker connectors. A pair of threaded connections for left and right channels guarantee high-quality performance.  Plus, they’re standard diameter so you can remove them and use your own banana plugs. 

What do you think of the new Sonos Amp? Let us know in the comments below or on GooglePlus, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on December 26, 2019.


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