How Google Duo could change the way you work


Google Duo is a free communication app that lets you keep in touch with friends or colleagues from wherever you are. It uses both video and audio content to offer versatility for those times when just one option isn’t sufficient.

When you can’t connect to a Wi-Fi network to make a call, the app can automatically restrict your data usage to 1 Mbps, ensuring you won’t use too much. However, if you have an unlimited plan or one with plenty of data, it’s possible to turn off that setting.

Another feature in the app lets you see what’s happening in a video call before you pick up — it’s called Knock Knock. That capability could be useful if you use Google Duo at work and want to determine whether to leave a meeting to take a call. Also, if you video call a person and they don’t answer, you can leave a video message for them to watch later.

In late July 2018, app users discovered they could make video calls with Google Assistant, too. You must have both the Google Assistant and Google Duo installed on your phone. Then, say “Video call [name of contact]”

Now, let’s look at five ways Google Duo could drastically impact the way you work.

Spend Less Time Dialing Your Frequent Contacts

An Android app teardown for a late August 2018 Google Duo update showed the ability to make home screen shortcuts for the people you call most.

The app already allows such shortcuts for recently dialed contacts, but this new feature gives you more control to reach specific contacts faster.

No matter what kind of job you have, cutting out unnecessary steps saves time. Eventually, we might see company leaders instruct their employees about which contacts to pin to their home screens, thereby ensuring they don’t waste time swiping through long lists.

Use Duo on iOS or Android Tablets

Until recently, people who wanted to make Duo calls on tablets had to make do with the smartphone versions. But, that resulted in a layout that didn’t fit larger screens nicely.

Fortunately, Google recently released tablet-specific apps for both Android and iOS. Depending on the ways you use Google Duo for work, being able to interact with the app on a tablet screen could be more user-friendly and result in fewer mistakes when you select options on your touchscreen.

Depend on Google Duo for Cold Calling

Cold calling is an essential part of many sales jobs. Even if your career doesn’t strictly relate to selling things, you might still have to get in touch with strangers.

Earlier, you learned how Google Duo responds to Google Assistant commands and finds the contact you want to call. However, a project that Google’s calling Duplex uses the Google Assistant’s artificial intelligence to carry on a conversation with people in ways that seem human.

If Google eventually applies Duplex to Duo, you might be able to teach effective cold calling scripts to the app and let it take care of a significant portion of the overall cold-calling effort.

Get in Touch With People Even If They Don’t Have the Google Duo App

One of the less-than-ideal aspects of most communications apps is that both parties have to have them installed for the messages or calls to go through.

However, a Google Duo update allows people with Android devices to interact with the app even without downloading it.

Google is also reportedly working on an update that lets people use Google Duo in web browsers. It could be helpful if they don’t have enough space on their phones to download something new, or if they forgot their phones at home when leaving for work and still need to use Google Duo to communicate.

Call Worldwide Contacts Without Worrying About Local Networks or Credit

Your job might require frequent travels outside your home country. You might typically deal with your communication needs during those journeys by purchasing a local SIM card that works with your phone or buying international credit through your home phone company.

However, you can make international calls through Google Duo, too. That’s because the app works with your Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.

So, if you use a Wi-Fi network abroad or have a short-term phone plan with international data, it’s possible to make calls to anyone in the world without your phone connecting to a local network or having enough credit associated with your number.

As of the spring of 2017, Google Duo allowed worldwide audio calls after initially rolling out the option to users in Brazil. You can slide a toggle switch in the app to designate whether you make a video call or one that’s audio-only, too.

Communicate More Smoothly With Google Duo

Because Google Duo is a free and readily available app that permits making video and audio calls, it could improve the way you communicate for work purposes.

It may even become your preferred way to reach out to people for personal reasons, too.

Last Updated on September 6, 2018.


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