Lady suing after Samsung Note9 caught fire

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Just when you thought the Note7 issues were done and over with, they’re rearing their ugly head again because of a recent incident when a Galaxy Note9 caught fire.

Samsung has already assured everyone that the battery in the Note9 is safe but no matter how you look at it, technology can go wrong at any point in time. Especially in this case when Diane Chung, a real estate agent, was riding in an elevator when her Samsung Galaxy Note9 in her purse ended up smoking and hissing.

Furthermore, she started to panic and press buttons until she reached the lobby because the elevator started to fill up with smoke. Chung ended up getting her fingers burned when she dumped everything out of her bag before someone was able to get the phone and put it in water.

Samsung is already looking into the problem and has responded back to PCMag in an email.

Samsung takes customer safety very seriously and we stand behind the quality of the millions of Galaxy devices in use in the United States. We have not received any reports of similar incidents involving a Galaxy Note9 device and we are investigating the matter.

It’s clear why she wants to sue Samsung and file charges against them for her phone catching on fire but as of right now, that we know of, this is the only incident of a Galaxy Note9 catching on fire.

Hopefully, no one else has this issue, but what do you guys think about Chung’s Note9 catching on fire? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on September 17, 2018.

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