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Quantum & Woody! #11 review: Return of the KLANG!

Quantum & Woody get their KLANG! on in this issue!!!

Quantum & Woody get their KLANG! on in this issue!!! We’ve been without the mighty KLANG! that recharges their powers every 24 hours for several issues now. It has been gone ever since they missed a KLANG!, broke the universe, inverted their powers, and brought the villain Infomercial (he’s never been really fleshed out as a character) through to our world. So it is nice to see that they get their powers back to working as they were before. It was also nice to see Colonel Capshaw, who is becoming much more than just a side character in X-O Manowar, step up to be a pivotal character here too. Is Valiant giving Capshaw the “Nick Fury-like” role of the Valiant Universe? If so, I’m all for it!

The writing by Eliot Rahal brings the humor to the forefront once again, and really, that’s storytelling that you expect with a Quantum & Woody! book. Sure, the tangents into seriousness are nice, but overall, you have to have the humor. The art by Joe Eisma captures the brother’s adventures as perfect as always, so nothing at all to complain about there.

Quantum & Woody!

My only real complaint is that the next issue is the end of this series. For those that don’t know, Valiant Comics tends to hire writers to do complete story arcs, so series tend to come and go as the arcs finish up. We may see Quantum & Woody pop up again sometime next year or maybe in two years, for another series. This of course allows writers to use other characters in the Valiant Universe and the story telling doesn’t get stale. The next issue looks to be great too as Q&W are trying out for a new Unity team!

Wrap Up

Quantum & Woody! may be coming to an end soon but there is no reason at all that you shouldn’t go back and check out their past adventures. It’s seriously a great book!!!








Nailed it

  • The KLANG! is back
  • Colonel Capshaw getting more page time

Needs work

  • Infomercial was completely fleshed out
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