The Dyson electric car will be built in Singapore


The Dyson electric car could soon be a thing. Yes, you heard me right. The Dyson electric car. You’re also right in assuming this is the same Dyson responsible for those super expensive sucky (in a good way) vacuum cleaners. James Dyson is the billionaire British inventor who’s the brains behind the Dyson vacuum, Dyson blade-less fans, and the Dyson hand dryers in restrooms. Now the 71-year old inventor wants to jump into the world of electric cars.

The Dyson electric car is being built in Singapore instead of Britain so the company can be close to the Asian supply chain and Asian customers. Dyson’s research and development arm will stay in Britain with manufacturing being done in Singapore. The company already operates its consumer goods operations in the same fashion.

Dyson has yet to produce any sort of vehicle design or specs but promises the car will be like nothing else on the market and its price tag will not be cheap. According to Reuters, Dyson is not working with any “established” car makers on this project so this should be an interesting project to follow.

“The decision of where to make our car is complex, based on supply chains, access to markets, and the availability of the expertise that will help us achieve our ambitions,” Dyson Chief Executive Jim Rowan said after Singapore was chosen on Tuesday. Dyson already employs 1,100 people making 21 million digital electric motors every year in Singapore. It said it would build a new two-story manufacturing facility in the city-state, scheduled for completion in 2020, with the first cars rolling off production lines a year later.

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said: “Singapore used to assemble cars until the 1980s. Now we will manufacture cars again, except this time greener, better, and more high tech!”

The Dyson electric car will be stepping into a market already filling up fast so it will be interesting to see just how well it can perform against the likes of Tesla, Chevy, Nissan and others.

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