Speculation slates Samsung folding phone release in March 2019 at a cost of $1,700USD

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The Samsung folding phone has long been rumored and those rumors were confirmed last week when it was finally unveiled. The Samsung folding phone has no name as of yet but its display tech is called Infinity Flex. There have been rumors claiming the name could be the Galaxy X. Still new rumors are saying it could be called the Galaxy F. Whatever the name, those watching the industry claim the price will be just slightly north of $1,770USD.

While that’s a bit cheaper than some predictions of $2,000USD or more, but still not cheap. That’s also slightly more expensive than the Royole FlexPai folding phone. The FlexPai was introduced to the world before the Samsung folding phone so they’ve laid claim to the rights of “world’s first folding smartphone.”

According to Business Insider, Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh said the company will ship 1 million of the devices in 2019. The real unknown is just how many of those 1 million devices Samsung will sell. My prediction is they most likely will not sell all 1 million to actual customers. I do think there are a small handful of early adopters who are extremely curious to experience the technology. Those early adopters are going to probably get the phone but many may not, simply due to the cost.

I believe if the first round of early adopters report back with positive experiences or results. That will give the Samsung folding phone a leg up for the future. Let’s not forget the tech media as well. Some outlets will most likely get a review unit to test and use. So those early tech media reviews will also make a difference where this device ends up. Only time will tell I guess.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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