These are the top benefits of DevOps and Amazon Web Services

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If you’re someone who works in the IT industry, chances are you’ve been hearing the terms DevOps and Amazon Web Services quite a lot. These terms basically refer to some of the most modern approaches to software development and IT operations. While the actual definitions of DevOps and AWS vary slightly depending on the source, they will most likely continue to be a significant part of the common vernacular in the coming months and years.

In most cases, there are significant advantages to integrating a DevOps mindset into your software development process. Additionally, utilizing Amazon Web Services and cloud computing can increase quality and performance while cutting costs and improving efficiency. Here are some of the most important advantages of DevOps and AWS so you can determine when and how to apply these elements to your own business.


One of the most vital aspects of DevOps is an increase in automation. Automating IT tasks can free your developers and operators from tedious work, such as testing code, creating bug reports, running calculations, and generating scripts for specific functions. Automation not only saves time, but it also improves the consistency and repeatability of software testing and other tasks. By removing the human element from many of these repetitive processes, both efficiency and accuracy are improved.


The entire structure of an Amazon Web Services environment is designed for easy scalability. This means that resources can instantly be allocated to meet the requirements of the task at hand. This is one of the most impressive benefits of cloud computing. Any number of instances can be immediately created to support users with different needs. Automation also helps with the scalability, as handling traffic spikes and downtimes does not require manual oversight.

Amazon Web Services
Automating IT tasks can free your developers and operators from tedious work, such as testing code.

Amazon Web Services Tools for Developers

Along with the sheer power of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing model, one of the most practical benefits is the existence of high-quality developer tools. For example, CodePipeline is an integration and delivery service that makes it quick and easy to test and deploy updates. AWS OpsWorks manages instances of various automation platforms, making server configuration, deployment, and maintenance seamless and automatic. CodeBuild provides dedicated servers to compile and test code, greatly reducing the resource requirements during software development.

Effective Collaboration

Improving collaboration between developers and operations teams is the heart of the DevOps concept. Integrating automation and increased organization can further merge the tasks, responsibilities, and communication between operations and development personnel. Because it’s easier to share information and results, employees in all areas of the IT department can work together toward common goals. Developers and operations experts don’t have to wait through long delays caused by lack of communication between departments. Encouraging this sort of culture in the workplace makes it easier to improve collaboration with non-IT departments as well.

Quality and Performance

One of the overall goals of incorporating DevOps and AWS is to improve the performance, quality, and delivery of software to operations personnel and end users. Automated testing, continuous delivery, improved collaboration, and better infrastructure all contribute to a consistently better final product. Working with experts who can create and manage infrastructure, automation, and support, such as those at Kubernetes Consulting Services, can make the DevOps and AWS integration go smoothly.


Through the automation and managed cloud computing of DevOps, it’s easier to create and deploy updates frequently. This means that it’s easier to track each change in the code and ensure security measures are adequate and working properly. Improved communication between departments can also cut down on accidental mistakes that threaten security.

By all accounts, it seems that DevOps and AWS are the paths toward the future. Incorporating the overarching DevOps theory and the practical AWS tools can improve your company’s performance, quality assurance, and efficiency. Working with a consultant is a great way to start incorporating these concepts into your IT department and benefiting from expert knowledge and quick delivery.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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