The State of Kansas has $10 million dollars worth of computer equipment they can’t use or get rid of


Sometimes government entities come up with some bright ideas that end up not being so bright. That could be a very long discussion so we’re not even going to go there. Where we are going is to the State of Kansas where, locked up in a state office, sits $10 million dollars worth of computer equipment. That’s right, $10 million dollars worth of computer equipment that’s not being used and has been sitting there since 2016.

Governor Jeff Colyer is trying to find a buyer or possibly donate the idle equipment but considering it’s going on 3-years old, he’s having a hard time finding a home for it. The State of Kansas originally intended to use the equipment as a “centralized storage system called GovCloud.” Basically, they wanted to develop their own cloud storage center, which wasn’t an awful idea. The project was axed after state officials said it would cost too much money to move forward. Too bad they hadn’t done that research before they spent $10 million dollars on equipment that would never get used.

According to Fox News, there have no interested buyers for the equipment and the State of Kansas still owes $2 million dollars on it anyway. As we mentioned already, given the age of the equipment, buyers likely see little to no value in it. State lawmakers say they must find a buyer before the value of the equipment drops to scrap metal prices.

There’s no word on if the State of Kansas has looked into the Computers for Learning program or the U.S. General Services Administration GSAXcess program. If state lawmakers are serious about donating the equipment, either one of those programs would allow them to list the equipment where multiple agencies or schools could potentially pick it up.

It’s interesting that they’re having this much trouble donating the equipment. While an outright sale is understandably almost impossible given the age of the equipment. Surely there is a school or institution who could potentially use even 3-year old computer equipment. I guess we’ll find out later what happens.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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