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Marvel’s The Punisher Season 2 set for January 18th

Frank Castle’s former brother-in-arms Billy Russo plays a role in season 2.

Netflix has been on a roll lately taking the axe to Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil. That only left Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Marvel’s The Punisher left on the chopping block. Many fans have been left upset by the termination of some of these shows and we all wondered what would happen with Marvel’s The Punisher. Well, now we know that we’re at least getting a season 2 on January 18th.

I admit that I was very unsure of Jon Bernthal playing Frank Castle. I know he was highly regarded in The Walking Dead series but I just couldn’t see it. It didn’t take me long to change my mind though. Bernthal really took the role on and made it what many imagined it to be. It’s probably not perfect but it’s pretty damn good!

Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) can run but he can’t hide from who he’s meant to be. Season two finds Frank in all too familiar territory. With Castle’s former brother-in-arms Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) slowly beginning to heal from the traumatic brain injury Frank inflicted on him, it’s only a matter of time before Billy starts to put the pieces of the puzzle back together.

The date announcement video doesn’t give too much info and the synopsis only tells us that Billy Russo will play a part in season 2. Still, it’s exciting to see that the show is back for season 2 but will it survive for a season 3? Guess we will find out at some point. We also need to find out what will happen with Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

Marvel's The Punisher

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