A criminal case against Huawei is being pursued by federal prosecutors

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Huawei has been wrestling the federal government lately and the battle is far from over. Federal prosecutors are now pursuing a criminal case against the company for allegedly stealing trade secrets from T-Mobile. The criminal case alleges that Huawei stole technology associated with a robot phone testing device, among other technologies.

The criminal case is being pursued due to the civil lawsuits against Huawei. The case and investigation are said to be in the “advanced stages” and there could be an indictment soon. Both Huawei and the Justice Department declined to comment to The Wall Street Journal on the matter.

The federal investigation puts added pressure on the Chinese technology giant, the world’s largest maker of telecommunications equipment and the No. 2 maker of smartphones world-wide. It comes amid a broader push by the Trump administration to aggressively pursue claims of intellectual property theft and technology transfer by Chinese companies.

Huawei has long been under scrutiny by the U.S., which has effectively blocked the company from installing its telecom equipment in major U.S. networks because of concerns that its gear could be used to spy on Americans.

Huawei has forcefully denied that it is a security threat, says it is owned by its employees and operates independently of the Beijing government.

This criminal case is just another blow in the continuing battle between U.S. authorities and the Chinese hardware company. Huawei has quickly become one of the most sold brands on a global level and has even outsold Apple and Samsung in some markets. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this case.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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