These are some game-based learning benefits we should all be aware of

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There is this common perception that the development of a child is negatively affected by online gaming. This is definitely not the case. We can actually say there are countless learning benefits from gaming for children, benefits that should be known by all parents.

It goes without saying that children should never spend a lot of time staring at computer or television screens. However, some exposure can be beneficial. Here are some of the basic game-based learning benefits that you surely need to know more about.

Increased memory capacity

Many games revolve around using your memory skills. Players need to remember different parts of the game in order to complete the missions. Memorizing vital sequences or even tracking some narrative elements all play a role in most video games. As people play games, they learn and their memory is increased.

Simulation and computer fluency

The modern world is dominated by technology, there is no way around that. As users play online video games they manage to quickly get used to the way in which computers operate. This is very important for a child since it allows a much faster understanding of technology as they age. Younger children are initially attracted by the graphics of the games but in time they start to learn more and more about the technology that is driving those graphics.

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Not to mention, when a person is younger, it is a lot easier to learn and be better prepared for the tech-filled world of tomorrow.

As a simple example, there are children that have started to use streaming platforms like Twitch. This allows them to learn how to download video from websites with software like Movavi Screen Recorder, how to set up a webcam and how to upload content on YouTube. Basically, the more gaming and gaming related technologies are used, the faster it becomes second nature. Not to mention, when a person is younger, it is a lot easier to learn and be better prepared for the tech-filled world of tomorrow.

Faster problem-solving and strategic thinking

Many parents are of the opinion that computer games are a waste of time. There are even some that say games make children less intelligent. Things couldn’t be farther away from the truth. In reality, most of the games out there will require children to quickly think and act. Logic is often needed in order to solve problems, complete gaming levels and think ahead. This is really important as it helps the child to develop overall accuracy, how to think on their own feet, outside of the box approaches to problems and so much more. Basically, children learn how to use their brains and knowledge to find solutions to problems in a much faster way than through other methods used in the past.

Hand-eye coordination improvements

A video game that requires the player to use a keyboard or a gamepad will improve hand-eye coordination. This does help the child to better understand how computers work. Hand-eye coordination is overall improved as the hands need to operate based on the visual input that comes from the eyes, from a computer screen. If the child looks at the hands instead of the screen, the chances of success are greatly diminished.


Last but certainly not least, most games these days include elements that will help children with different specific skills. As an example, adventure games often have navigation maps. The child needs to learn how to read that map to gain an advantage and help complete missions. In the future, this helps with practical thinking and regular map reading skills in real life.

What do you think about these game-based learning benefits? What sort of rules and guidelines have you established for your kids regarding video games?

**The thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are those of its writers and do not reflect Techaeris or its staff.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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