HMD is bringing their budget Nokia phones to North America for Cricket, Verizon, and Rogers


Nokia phones have been regarded as legendary for their rugged build and reliability. But that was back when North American carriers sold Nokia phones. These days, you don’t see the Nokia brand around very much but that’s about to change. HMD is the new maker of Nokia phones and they are preparing a push back into the North American market with a line of budget-minded smartphones.

The problem for HMD and Nokia has been getting a new foot into the doors of carriers. Because the North American cellphone market is driven by carriers, manufactures pretty much need to get carrier support to be successful. HMD’s focus will be on breaking back into the North American market in 2019 and they’re starting with Cricket, Verizon, and Rogers.

Verizon and Cricket customers will see the new Nokia phones starting this month with Rogers devices “coming soon.” Cricket users will be offered the Nokia 3.1 Plus which has a 3,500mAh battery and is supposed to get 2-days of battery life. The 3.1 Plus will be priced at US$160 and have a 5.99″ display, dual-cameras and run on the Snapdragon 439.

Verizon customers will be offered the Nokia 2 V on January 30th, which has a smaller 5.5″ display but a larger 4,000mAh battery. Roger’s customers will eventually be offered the Nokia 2.1. All of these offerings are aimed at those who don’t care to spend a boatload on a flagship smartphone.

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We’ve reviewed some of Nokia’s smartphone offerings over the past year or so, and they’re still very solid phones that people should like.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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