DRACO Design AERO case review: Your iPhone XS Max just got sexier

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DRACO Design. That is a name I hadn’t heard since I reviewed their iPhone 6 Plus bumper in 2014. So it surprised me when I discovered an email in my inbox from the CEO of the company letting me know they had a new product. He was kind enough to ask me to review his latest offering, the DRACO Design AERO, and, seeing as I’ve enjoyed his products in the past, I said took him up on it.

DRACO Design, to me, has always meant elegant design that elevates the device on which it is installed to another level. Did the DRACO Design AERO case hit the mark? Or is the company’s latest effort less than stellar? Find out in our full DRACO Design Aero review.


The DRACO Design AERO has the following features and specifications:

  • Metal and ABS construction
  • Back cover made of 9H-rated scratch resistant glass
  • Push-lock design for tool-free installation
  • Textured side bumpers give better grip

What’s In The Box

  • DRACO Design AERO
  • Cleaning kit

Video Review


DRACO has always been one of my favorite case makers simply because of their designs. The company made some very nice aluminum bumpers a few years back, and they’re still some my favorites.

Those bumpers did have some issues with knocking down a bar of signal on the iPhone, but that was never a big deal to me. The AERO takes a different design path while incorporating some of the old DRACO looks.

The entire case is made of premium materials including 9H glass, metal bumpers, and premium textured plastics. I will warn you that the glass back is as slippery as the iPhone glass back. So putting this case down on sloped surfaces could result in it sliding. Vibrations and movement also cause it to slide. All of the buttons are made of metal and have an excellent tactile response.

Just love those lines!

The glass back sits just right, making the camera bump flush which should make plenty of people happy. The Lightning port cutout is ample enough to fit third-party cables, but you might have some problems with some docking devices. I had no issues with my Belkin Powerhouse, the case and phone fit with the connector at full rise.

The metal bumpers are where the design gets wicked. While the side bumpers are made from premium plastics, the top and bottom bumpers are made from metal and are machined and polished giving the phone an elegant but sporty appearance. The case really makes your iPhone XS Max look amazing. It comes in silver, gold, and black so you have a few choices to match your iPhone.

Overall, the DRACO Design AERO is another hit in the design department in my book. It looks elegant, sporty and enhances the look of the iPhone which is exactly what I’ve come to expect from DRACO.

Once You Know, You Newegg


Installing the AERO is super simple. Our cases came with a cleaning kit to remove any dust or debris on the inner glass before install.

We first took all the parts out of the box and laid them out on a table. There are the top and bottom bumpers, made of metal, and the side bumpers which are attached to the glass back.

Don’t forget to remove the inner protective film on the glass back before you get started. Once you have the protective film removed, clean the glass to get as much dust and debris off of it as you can. Then lay your iPhone into the side bumper/glass back making sure the camera bump is in the camera hole.

Then you can slide the upper and lower bumper into place and they will lock with the side tabs. After that you peel the back protective film off the back glass and you’re literally done.

Install of the AERO.

I did notice that removing the AERO does take some work and isn’t exactly effortless. I had to remove mine once because some dirt found its way into the back and I wanted to clean it out.

Overall, the installation process is dead simple. Taking the case off may take a bit more effort, though, but it’s not a deal breaker.


The DRACO Design Aero is probably the most protective case the company has made that I’ve used. While their aluminum bumpers did a good job of protecting the sides of the iPhone, they weren’t exactly great for back and front coverage.

This case has a glass back though, and even though it is 9H glass, it is still glass and could break if you drop it. But better the case than your iPhone, and if it does break, it did its job.

The front is well protected with a decent lip, which didn’t get in the way of my screen protector but might with some. The sides, top and bottom are all very well protected.

Overall, this is a great protective case. Be aware that the back is glass, so it has the possibility of breaking but it will protect your iPhone glass well.

The back of the case is 9H glass, it will protect but might break too.


In the past, DRACO cases have been pricey. Not so with the DRACO Design AERO. Priced at US$32.99 it’s one of their most affordable cases that I’ve seen. And I think it’s well worth it.

Once You Know, You Newegg

Wrap Up

I love DRACO cases, always have and, if they keep making them, always will. I love how they make your iPhone look and feel. There are a few issues here that don’t bother me but may others. The glass back makes it slippery. Removing the case takes a little effort. But that’s really about it.

The DRACO Design AERO is the best looking iPhone XS Max case on the market right now, period. Like any other product, there are some compromises, but I can live with them. It is also available for the iPhone XR.

*We received a sample of the DRACO Design AERO case for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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