MoviePass lawsuit alleges the company is employing bait and switch tactics

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MoviePass has been a controversial service since its inception and now the company has had a lawsuit filed against it. Two subscribers have filed the lawsuit claiming they were only able to see three movies over a 10-month period because of restrictions within the app.

The plaintiffs, Lawrence and Laurie Weinberger both subscribed to MoviePass at a cost of US$105.35 each. That subscription promised 3 “any’s”. Watch any movie, in any theater, on any day once a day. The lawsuit claims that when the plaintiffs checked for showtimes, more often than not, there were no shows available in their area.

The suit alleges MoviePass refused to provide a prorated refund, and that the company engaged in a “deceptive and unfair bait-and-switch scheme.”

MoviePass is not the only movie-ticket subscription company to be hit with a “bait-and-switch” lawsuit. In November, two subscribers of MoviePass competitor Sinemia filed a suit over a $1.80 “processing fee” introduced to subscribers, even those who had already prepaid for a yearly subscription.

“It lures consumers in by convincing them to purchase a purportedly cheaper movie subscription, and then adds undisclosed fees that make such purchases no bargain at all,” the lawsuit against Sinemia claimed. “Sinemia fleeces consumers with an undisclosed, unexpected, and not-bargained-for processing fee each time a plan subscriber goes to the movies using Sinemia’s service.”

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MoviePass isn’t a stranger to controversy and lawsuits as the parent company was also sued by shareholders in 2018. The company is struggling to regain consumer confidence and trying to find a sustainable business model.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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