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Samsung confirms remapping of Bixby button will come to older devices

There is one caveat though. You must be running Android 9.0 (Pie) in order to get the update.

Oh, the Bixby button! Oh how that Bixby button has gotten so much hate. When Samsung first introduced the Bixby button it was met with fierce dislike. Not because of the actual Bixby assistant but because the button itself was locked down to Bixby and nothing else.

This left many users frustrated as they saw this button as a useless tool that they didn’t want. Samsung announced the Galaxy S10 series this week and with it came the ability to remap that button. I talked about the remapping on the S10 and S10+ on Radiophonicus and I also mentioned I thought Samsung may actually bring the ability to its older devices.

Now, according to TechRadar, Samsung has confirmed that they will indeed enable remapping of the Bixby Button on older devices that have one. Samsung believes this may encourage users to actually use the Bixby assistant.

There is one caveat though. You must be running Android 9.0 (Pie) in order to get the update. This shouldn’t be an issue for most as most people should be seeing an update to Pie for their devices soon, some may already have it.

There is no confirmation as to when Samsung will actually role the update for the button out to users. Still, this is certainly going to make plenty of users happy as they can now use that button for Google Assistant or perhaps as a camera button.

Samsung is heavily integrating Bixby into its smart products so it is very useful if you happen to have multiple Samsung products connected together. That’s probably a low percentage of people so that’s why having the option to remap is important.

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Source: TechRadar
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