The Samsung Galaxy Fold may have a “creasing” issue with its new screen tech


The Samsung Galaxy Fold was just recently announced but no one had hands-on time with the device. The company opened up its Unpacked event with the Samsung Galaxy Fold but devoted most of the time to its new Samsung Galaxy S10 models. While the Fold was demoed for all to see on the screen, it was hidden later in the hands-on experience.

Business Insider is reporting that the reason for this may be because the Samsung Galaxy Fold may have a “creasing” issue with its display technology. Business Insider is reporting that a crease down the center of the display starts to form after the device has been folded 10,000 times. There were many internet users who pointed out the possibility of a crease in the display using screenshots of the Unpacked presentation.

Samsung is reportedly working on a fix for the issue and could offer initial Samsung Galaxy Fold buyers a screen replacement once the crease starts to show on their device. As I’ve said before, this year is the dawning of foldable phones and the technology is likely still not one-hundred percent polished, obviously.

Sonos Beam

Early adopters of the Samsung Galaxy Fold are certainly going to have to contend with other issues making them, essentially, beta testers. Most early adopters are prepared for these issues but some can become vocal and displeased with the issues that do arise.

The crease in question is appearing on the protective film that covers the digitizer underneath. Since the technology for foldable glass isn’t available yet, Samsung is using a film. Business Insider did reach out to Samsung who declined to comment on the matter.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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