YouTuber arrested for allegedly heading to YouTube HQ to “settle a beef” with the company


If YouTube shuts down your YouTube channel, it’s probably a bad idea to drive to YouTube HQ and take it up with them. That’s what Kyle Long allegedly was on his way to do. Long, a former YouTuber, was on his way from Maine to YouTube HQ to “settle a beef” with the company over the shutdown of his channel.

Long was arrested just two-miles from Google‘s campus, which is about 30-minutes away from YouTube HQ. Long was booked on suspicion of making criminal threats and is being held in lieu of US$25,000 bail at Santa Clara County Jail.

Authorities in Iowa first came upon Long when his car got stuck in a ditch. Long was also suspected of vandalizing a gas station restroom but police released him when station owners did not press charges. Long talked with Iowa State Trooper Sgt. Nelson Ludwig and told him he was upset over YouTube shutting down his channel. The trooper did no go into specifics of what Long told him but Ludwig did say:

“It was just enough to make a call to Maine (police in Waterville) to find out more, it was just enough to raise concerns.”

Iowa State Trooper Sgt. Nelson Ludwig

“Long informed state troopers that he was on his way to Mountain View, California, to meet with Google after his YouTube channel had been shut down, which he claimed was resulting in him losing money,” according to a Mountain View Police Department statement.

“On Sunday, Waterville, Maine police notified us that they had received information that Long was not only in California, but that he had stated if his meeting with Google personnel did not go well, he was going to resort to physical violence.”

NBC News

When police arrested Long, they found three baseball bats in his vehicle. Google has not commented on this story as of yet.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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