[APRIL FOOLS’] Techaeris makes major acquisition with purchase of social media platform Google+


[UPDATED 02/04/2019]: Google+ has officially closed its doors to consumer and brand accounts, a sad day indeed. Check out our actual farewell article.

DISCLAIMER/EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve been users, supporters, and big fans of Google+ since the early beta days. We are just as sad as you that Google+ is going away (or has gone away depending on when you read this) as it’ll be near impossible to replace the friends we’ve made and communities we’ve been a part of on another social media network.

Yes, today is April Fools’ Day and this post was started from an idea one of our readers had. While most of you took this tongue in cheek, we do apologize to those who this has obviously offended.


These days it seems everyone has their favorite social media platform and is sticking to it with gusto. Some users are in love with Facebook while others cling to Twitter and still, others prefer lesser known outlets such as MeWe and Minds. Back in 2011 a new kind of social media platform emerged from the minds at Google.

This social media platform was at first sparsely populated and making connections seemed impossible. But as more users joined the platform it began to grow. That platform is known as Google+ and it has grown into an amazing platform of engaged and like-minded tech junkies and geeks.

As we all know, Google announced the closing of Google+ effective April 2nd, 2019 (tomorrow). This announcement has made many in the Google+ community without a social media platform to call home. Google+ transcended Google itself and was ultimately the product of its amazing users and Google was left as the manager.

The management team at Techaeris is proud to announce that you amazing Google+ users will not have to find a new social media home. Effective today, April 1st, 2019, Techaeris has purchased Google+ from Alphabet Inc. and will continue to operate Google+ for the foreseeable future.

social media platform
Owner of Techaeris Alex Hernandez and CEO of Alphabet Larry Page.

Final paperwork was signed by Larry Page and Alex Hernandez in Des Moines, Iowa early this morning. The agreement gives Techaeris full control and rights to all Google+ technologies as well as all data contained on Google+ servers. Techaeris may continue to use the Google+ name for the next 6-months as we craft new branding for the platform. The terms of the deal will remain undisclosed as we’d rather focus on continuing to make Google+ the social media platform of choice for its users.

We’re very happy that Techaeris has purchased the Google+ platform and thrilled that users will not lose their social media home.

Larry Page

We’re super excited for this new chapter in the Google+ story and stoked for this explosive growth of Techaeris. We hope we can make Google+ better than it has ever been. With your help, we can. Thanks for your support and we hope you’re enjoying April Fools’ Day!

Thank you to Travis Owens for this idea.

Last Updated on June 30, 2021.

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