The best tech for work productivity


You need motivation to get things done at work and tech gadgets can help, too.

Here are six must-have tech for work productivity items that’ll help you maintain workflow under high pressure — or just during a typical day.

1. Omnicharge Omni Ultimate Power Bank

work productivity

You may already have a power bank, but you probably don’t have one with this many features. It has a few fast-charging USB ports for gadgets such as your smartphone or tablet, plus a DC out port with adjustable direct DC voltage to charge bigger gadgets, like your laptop.

The power bank also has a built-in power controller that allows the device to recharge in about three hours in almost any way you want. Recharge it using a wall outlet, a USB port, your car charger or even a solar panel.

Omnicharge offers an industry first as the first power bank with removable batteries. That advantage allows you to replace the depleted cells when needed, prolonging the overall use for you. If you travel a lot, keep in mind that you can get the power bank with a U.S. or European Union-style AC outlet plug.

When you’re working from your mobile device and can’t find a free electrical outlet, or you want to keep up your output despite a sudden power outage at the office, this power bank has you covered.

Price: US$400 — available from third-party sellers

2. Pip Stress Management Device

work productivity

Excessive stress can make your productivity plummet. However,Pip is a biofeedback gadget that aims to prompt you to take control of your stress before it gets overwhelming.

It measures anxiety levels by monitoring changes in the pores on your fingertips. Then, a complementing app used on your smartphone or tablet allows you to proactively keep your stress at bay.

Metrics in the app also allow you to see how your stress lowers over time, which could help you stay motivated to keep using Pip.

Price: US$149

3. Rocketbook Everlast

work productivity

The Rocketbook Everlast nimbly bridges the divide between the physical and digital worlds.

You use a special pen to write on the paper, then scan the QR code in the corner of the sheet to transfer your notes to the cloud. Then, you don’t have to spend time transcribing your notes into digital services or finding a scanner to transfer them to the digital realm.

Also, this product gets its name because you can erase all previous notes with a drop of water. So, although the notebook looks like an ordinary one from the outside, you’ll save trees by embracing a digital lifestyle.

Price: US$29.97

4. Sennheiser MB 660 UC MS Active Noise Canceling Headphones

work productivity

Open-plan offices went through a popularity boom, but unfortunately, the loudness level of a fully occupied open office can be overwhelming enough to make people lose focus. One of the easiest ways to cope with an open office or deal with excessive distractions in any case is to don a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

This option fromSennheiser has an active noise-canceling feature that constantly monitors your environment for background sounds and makes the necessary adjustments without you needing to tweak any settings.

These headphones offer a choice of sound effects modes, too. Whether you’re on a business call with a new client or relaxing with tunes during your lunch break, it’s easy to find the setting that best suits the purpose.

Price: US$319.97


work productivity

Most people know having a sedentary lifestyle isn’t healthy, but many of us feel it’s impossible to make major improvements because we work at desk jobs.

The Yo-Yo DESK MINI is fantastic if you’re thinking about getting a standing desk. It prevents you from having to invest in an entirely new workspace by converting any existing desk into a standing one. Also, a spring adjustment lets you pick from more than a dozen height settings to match your preferences.

If your boss isn’t on board with the idea of you switching to a standing position while you’re on the clock, show them a study that found numerous standing desk benefits associated with productivity, such as increased work engagement and work absorption, as well as better recovery from occupational fatigue compared to the control group.

Price: US$299.99

6. Saent

work productivity

This desktop gadget looks like a lighted button, and after owning it, you’ll discover there are numerous ways it could help you stay on top of your schedule.

It’s perfect if you use the Pomodoro Technique or have just finished the book “Deep Work” and want to start putting some of its principles into practice.

For example, you can set it before engaging in a focus session. After that period ends, the gadget automatically calculates the length of your break that happens before getting into another work phase.

You can also connect it to your smartphone to block distractions. Or, use Saent as a “Do Not Disturb” indicator to let colleagues know about times of unavailability.

Price: US$59

Push your productivity to the next level

Some gadgets take your mind away from your work, but the six discussed here should prove how tech used in the right ways could help you get more done every time you start a shift.

You may even set a good example in the office and encourage others to invest in some of these products, too.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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