Samsung announces 2019 QLED TV pricing and home entertainment roadmap

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As many of you know, we have had the privilege of reviewing a Samsung QLED TV or two. I’ve been super impressed with what Samsung has done with their TVs over the past few years but the improvements just keep coming.

I had a chance to see some of what Samsung has to offer in 2019 at CES 2019 and let’s just say that their QLED TV tech is just getting better. The company has made major improvements in their contrast and color accuracy. The contrast is even closer to OLED technology than ever before and in some cases better.

Samsung has finally released its pricing for the 2019 QLED TV lineup as well as pricing for some new soundbars it will release in 2019. Check out the Samsung Home Entertainment video at the end of this article for Samsung’s roadmap for 2019.

Samsung Q900



  • 65”: US$4,999.99
  • 75”: US$6,999.99
  • 82”: US$9,999.99
  • 85”: US$14,999.99
Samsung Q90



  • 65”: US$3,499.99
  • 75”: US$4,999.99
  • 82”: US$6,499.99


  • 55”: US$1,999.99
  • 65”: US$2,799.99
  • 75”: US$3,999.99


  • 49”: US$1,249.99
  • 55”: US$1,499.99
  • 65”: US$2,199.99
  • 75”: US$3,299.99
  • 82”: US$4,499.99


  • 43”: US$799.99
  • 49”: US$999.99
  • 55”: US$1,199.99
  • 65”: US$1,799.99
  • 75”: US$2,999.99
  • 82”: US$3,799.99
Samsung the frame 2019
The Frame

The Frame (2019):

  • 43”: US$1,299.99
  • 49”: US$1,699.99
  • 55”: US$1,999.99
  • 65”: US$2,799.99
Samsung RU7100
Samsung RU7100



  • 49”: US$799.99
  • 55”: US$999.99
  • 65”: US$1,399.99
  • 75”: US$2,199.99
  • 82”: US$3,199.99


  • 55”: US$699.99
  • 65”: US$999.99


  • 43”: US$429.99
  • 50”: US$499.99
  • 55”: US$599.99
  • 58”: US$649.99
  • 65”: US$899.99
  • 75”: US$1,599.99

Samsung soundbars optimized for QLED TV

Samsung’s 2019 Q Series soundbars align with corresponding 2019 QLED televisions to create four “best match” models – Q90, Q80, Q70 and, Q60*. With sleek and compact design form factors, Q Series soundbars complement Samsung’s QLED TVs’ design-forward aesthetics.

Optimized to work seamlessly with Samsung QLED TVs, QLED owners can enjoy plug-and-play connectivity via wired or wireless connections, control both TVs and soundbars with the Samsung OneRemote and fine-tune sound directly from the TV menu.

Samsung’s Q Series soundbars automatically convert sound to Game Mode Pro once the Samsung TV detects a console. Physical upward speakers provide a more directive and immersive sound with the Q90, Q80 and Q70 models featuring up-firing speakers while the Q60 features Samsung Acoustic Beam Technology.

The R Series soundbars feature Smart Sound and automatically analyze content frequency to optimize audio and deliver clear dialogue, so whether users are watching a loud sports match or a soft-spoken drama, sounds will be optimized for TV viewing.

Samsung Q90R soundbar
Samsung Q90R soundbar

Q Series Soundbars

  • Q90:US$1,699.99
  • Q80: US$1,199.99
  • Q70: US$799.99
  • Q60: US$499.99

R Series Soundbars

  • R660: US$399.99
  • R550: US$279.99
  • R450: US$199.99

What do you think of the 2019 QLED TV lineup from Samsung? What do you think of the new soundbars? What do you think of the Samsung home entertainment plan for 2019? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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