Lenovo adds the ThinkPad T495, ThinkPad T495s and ThinkPad X395 to its lineup


For the second day in a row, Lenovo is making a few announcements in its business line of PCs. Yesterday, they announced upgrades to their ThinkStation systems and today it’s the ThinkPad series that gets some fresh faces. The new ThinkPad T495, ThinkPad 495s, and ThinkPad X395 will all sport the 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen 7 Pro mobile processor.

These new laptops will also house integrated AMD Vega graphics and the laptops are thin and light making it under three pounds. Lenovo also brings longer battery life in this ThinkPad lineup with up to four more hours on a single charge. Lenovo also says there has been an 18% performance increase across the board, compared to older models.

As workspaces evolve, end-users want smarter, more secure devices that provide features and benefits core to what makes a laptop central to their everyday lives. Whether on-the-job or on-the-go, personnel will get outstanding performance with up to 2nd Gen Ryzen 7 Pro Mobile Processors and Integrated AMD Vega Graphics, designed to boost productivity, enhance multimedia, and improve energy efficiency for an exceptional user experience.

Enhanced with Radeon™ FreeSync™ technology, users will experience gorgeous pixel quality and a fluid frame refresh rate, free of screen stutters—perfect for videos, presentations, and light PC gaming on the side. By adding an extra G-force crash hazard shock procedure to our already exhaustive ThinkPad Mil-Spec tests, this new line of laptops is tough enough to withstand the bumpy hazards of a hard day’s work. This, alongside all the customer-focused features, is why ThinkPad continues to lead the way in workplace transformation and enabling smarter business.

Lenovo Press Release

Lenovo says the displays on these ThinkPad’s has been improved with 14″ FHD displays with a 400 nits peak brightness. Of course, these all come with backlit keyboards as well. The far-field microphones have also been improved to help with video conferencing voice quality. Lenovo has also included the ThinkShutter so you can cover your webcam when not in use. Something many people worry about when using a laptop with a webcam.

Here is the pricing and availability of this new line of ThinkPad laptops:

  • ThinkPad T495 (14-inch) will be available in late May 2019, with a starting price of US$939.
  • ThinkPad T495s (14-inch) will be available starting in early June 2019, with a starting price of US$1089.
  • ThinkPad X395 (13-inch) will be available starting in early June 2019, with a starting price of US$1089.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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