1More Stylish true wireless headphones review: Clean design meets clean sound

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True wireless headphones are the future of consumer-grade audio. You read that correctly. Your average consumer will be buying true wireless headphones from here on out because the technology is getting better. Not only is it getting better, but it’s good enough for the average consumer. The 1More Stylish true wireless headphones are the latest to hit the market.

While audiophiles are screaming at their monitors right now, headphones like the 1More Stylish will continue to do well because they’re inexpensive. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are also free of any wires. The average consumer cares about two things, price, and convenience. Sound is a distant third, but thankfully they’re not giving up that much in sound with devices like the 1More Stylish true wireless headphones. Read on for the full 1More Stylish true wireless headphones review.


The 1More Stylish true wireless headphones have the following features and specifications:

  • 7mm dynamic drivers with titanium composite diaphragm
  • 6.5-hours of battery life
  • Fast-charging
  • Battery case with 3 full charges extending battery life to 24-hours
  • ENC-microphone technology for clear communication
  • Works with Siri and Google Assistant

What’s In The Box

  • 1More Stylish headphones
  • Battery case
  • Carry pouch
  • Micro-USB cable for charging
  • Earbud tips
  • Documentation and instructions
  • 1More sticker
true wireless headphones
What’s In The Box


The 1More Stylish design isn’t that far off from other true wireless headphones out there. The one thing that does separate them from some of the competition is how smooth and clean the lines are. They look very sleek and clean with 1More branding on the outside. The small attention to detail is also appreciated, like making the case look like the headphones.

The battery case is nice with a locking latch in the front and the MicroUSB port on the rear. I was disappointed that Type-C wasn’t used, and it really should have been at this price point. I understand headphones in the sub-US$50 range not having it, but when they start nearing US$100 they really should be using USB-C.

The headphones themselves are light and feathery and they each have an LED light on them. When I first looked at how to insert them I thought they’d be very uncomfortable and might fall out easily. But once I got them in, I was very surprised at how comfortable they were. Of course, everyone’s ears are different and your comfort level may vary.

1More Stylish
Lovely design.

The headphones come with a few different sizes of ear tips and wings so you can find the right fit. I found that the ones that come pre-installed worked just fine. The headphones also come with a carrying pouch that’s made of plastic material which I didn’t think added much, if any, value to the headphones. The carrying case will protect the headphones and I don’t mind the case getting knicked up a bit.

Overall, the design is sleek and clean, comfort was good for me. I do wish there was USB-C charging, and the carrying pouch seemed like an afterthought.

Ease of Use

By now, most everyone should know how to use a Bluetooth product. Pairing the 1More Stylish true wireless headphones is simple. Just power on the buds and find them in your Bluetooth settings. Pair to each of them and then they will pair to each other. Once that’s done, you never have to pair to your device again, they will auto-pair for you.

The Stylish also have multi-function buttons on each headphone. The left button controls phone calls and your voice assistant:

  • Answer/Hang Up: Click once
  • Decline a call: Press and hold
  • Siri/Google Assistant: Double click

The right button controls playback functions:

  • Play/Pause: Click once
  • Next track: Double click
  • Previous track: Triple click

The 1More Stylish also power themselves on when you take them out of the battery case and they power off when you put them back in. Overall, these are very basic Bluetooth headphones that are simple to use and 1More doesn’t complicate it by adding any apps.

true wireless headphones
Small and light.


The 1More Stylish surprised me in terms of sound. I was expecting more headphones tuned to the bass end of the spectrum but that’s not what I found. I found the sound signature to be closer to a flat EQ than some of its competition.

I can hear some slight favoring toward the bass frequencies, but it’s very minute and I actually prefer it this way. Sound isolation is decent and it will vary with the type of ear tips you use.

Overall, I thought the sound on these headphones was actually very decent. I like that 1More tried to keep a flat sound stage with some slight favoring to the bass end of things. That’s really all that I can say about the sound. They sound great, better than I expected.

Reception/Call Quality

Bluetooth reception is excellent and call quality is acceptable. There’s nothing really here that would make these any better or worse than any other headphones out there.

Battery Life

1More is claiming 6.5-hours of battery life on a charge for these with 3 more full charges in the battery case. Unfortunately, I did not test the battery as well as I wanted as I’ve been testing multiple headphones over the past few weeks. I can say that I used these on and off through the a few days and only had to recharge after 3-days. That’s with about 1.5 to 2-hours of use a day. So I’d say that was pretty close to the estimated 6.5-hours.

Overall, battery life is decent. Having 3 full charges in the case helps for when you’re on the move. They also come with fast charging which gives you 3-hours more when you charge them for 15-minutes.

1More Stylish 2
Nice charging case.


The 1More Stylish true wireless headphones are priced at US$99.99 and are available on Amazon and 1More’s website. I think this price is decent but there are other options that cost a bit less and compete with these. I do think the comfort, design, and slightly better sound adds value to the headphones.

Wrap Up

The 1More Stylish are certainly a nice option if you’re looking for true wireless headphones. They’re nicely designed, well-built, and sound decent. There are other options out there that you could consider, but if you land on these, you won’t regret it.

*We received a sample of the 1More Stylish true wireless headphones for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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