Why you should never ignore your PC’s security or antivirus software?


In this age of uncertainty, on many days, it feels like everything on this planet is unsafe, to a certain extent. From the air we breathe, to the gadgets we use, especially when we use the internet through them. It is quite shocking to know that safe and secure internet service, is not as commonplace as we think it would be. It is also quite surprising to many of us that, to get basic internet security, that getting the best antivirus software, actually requires considerable thought.

Most of us don’t give enough brain space to antivirus software, it is hardly what we think about when we’re about to buy a new laptop or computer. But it is something that immediately becomes very important once we start using the PC. Notifications of scans that were performed, virus threats, shady ad pop-ups, etc. immediately start alarming us and most of us start nurturing the idea of getting an antivirus to secure our device and bask peacefully under its protection.

Some of us, though are more hesitant and are not as easily convinced that we need to splurge on antivirus for our devices. It doesn’t seem important enough, the device seems to detect unusual activity and block anything harmful, well enough, on its own. Also, what exactly is an antivirus going to do for our computer?

The answer lies in its name. An antivirus is basically supposed to protect your computer from harmful viruses, worms, trojan horses, which disguise harmful and unwanted invaders, etc. It is what keeps your PC smooth and running for a longer time.

Due to the unavailability of an efficient antivirus in place, a lot of people have been the victims of spam attacks, one of the many undesirable things any computer or phone user would want to go through. A spam attack results in a lot of digital junk mail, or messages, that one ends up sifting through. Sounds more inconvenient than harmful. But, the catch is that these spam attacks lead to viruses and bugs pervading the system, which end up ruining it. A nightmare that no one wants to go through.

Another consequence of spam attacks is phishing, one more unsettling ordeal. We have all advanced to digital platforms, for all sorts of things, with great promptness and this has had one standard effect. A lot of information about people from all walks of life has ended up on their devices and in many cases the internet. This puts people, without enough internet security, in the line of danger. As a result of phishing, an owner’s identity, important credentials, passwords, etc. get can get stolen, individuals can get robbed.

antivirus software
Another consequence of spam attacks is phishing, one more unsettling ordeal.

The Financial Trade Commission, last year, talked about a series of phishing scams. In one of them, scammers were attempting to get the personal details of world cup fans by telling them that they had won tickets to the world cup. The FTC issued out a warning, asking people to be wary of any goods or discounts offered to them by unknown sources. Another account of phishing was related to vacation rental scams during the summer and festivals. In the corporate sector, it can cause reputational damage, intellectual property loss and also direct loses in the form of monetary damage.  

As we progress, we are also getting much more involved in social media, online shopping, banking, etc. For most of these facilities, one is required to make an account, meaning that there are going to be passwords and important details involved. Most of us have witnessed numerous cases of accounts getting hacked and being used for the wrong purposes. Getting an antivirus software will ensure that the individual goes through none of this and enjoys effectual protection of passwords and other personal information.

The usage of internet has also brought about its mal-usage, many times, in terms of cyber threats. It is complicated enough to understand what a cyber threat is without having to ward it off, or deal with it, by one’s own self. In 2012, a list of the top five types of cyber threats was given out, which included social engineered trojans, unpatched software, network traveling worms, etc. Today the areas in which the threats have evolved are much more diverse and plaintively scary. Botnets, Ransomware, Wiper attacks, intellectual property theft, theft of money, data manipulation and destruction, Spyware or malware, Rogue software, and malvertising are some of the many areas.

It is important to not neglect one’s PC’s security as this crass carelessness, violates a person’s right to internet privacy, which comes under the right to the privacy act, a division of the Right To Life act.

This is why, the usage of genuine antivirus or security software is important because in neglecting those, an individual exposes himself or herself to all sorts of malpractices out there. It takes only a few, easy steps to ensure that the internet remains as a tool for aiding people or making them victims or someone’s abetting.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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