Spryng claims to be the most advanced smart muscle recovery tool on the market

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My inbox is overflowing with PR pitches, some of which I never even get to. But every once in awhile something really interesting comes across that I just can’t ignore. Spryng is a new smart muscle recovery tool that the company claims is the most advanced on the market.

Spryng is supposed to help those who suffer from leg problems by applying smart compression to increase performance. The first thing that comes to mind is sports. This seems like a product that would fit into the world of someone who runs or exercises a lot. While the more sports-oriented can certainly benefit from this, they’re not the only ones.

Spryng claims those who work long hours sitting at a desk can also benefit from smart compression. The company says the device can relieve aching muscles, improve circulation, offer better performance, help muscle recover faster, and all within 15-minutes. So what is “active compression” anyway?

Active leg compression is a form of compression that mimics natural muscle contractions in your calves. It helps improve circulation, increase cellular oxygen supply, and stimulate tissue repair.

By compressing your legs, you encourage circulation of blood where it needs the most support. This, in turn, can help reduce swelling and usher in fresh blood, nutrients, and lymphatic fluid to your legs to help accelerate healing and recovery.


Due to gravity, your legs usually have the worst circulation in your body- especially if you’re standing or sitting all day. Without active circulation through your calves, blood will pool at your feet – resulting in swelling and pain.

When your muscle pump remains inactive, you risk blood pooling and inhibit circulation throughout your body (the blood in your feet is the same blood that is circulated through your heart and to your brain).

This is why we focus on actively compressing your legs to help get that blood moving!

Spryng Press Release

This certainly looks interesting. As with any crowdfunding campaign, there is a risk supporting them. We’ve recently heard about several that we’ve written about that have failed or are having issues. Our reporting on crowdfunding campaigns does not mean we support or are affiliated with them. Support at your own risk.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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