Meizu announces the 16Xs with Infinity Display and a US$245 price tag


We recently reviewed the Meizu 16s and found it to be an absolutely fantastic phone. The 16s has some amazing features and is nicely priced at US$476. Now, the company has announced the Meizu 16Xs, which also brings some nice features and specs but at a nicer price of US$245.

The Meizu 16Xs is all about the cameras and screen-to-body ratio. The triple camera setup features AI technology and a 48MP sensor. There is also an ultra-wide angle lens for capturing more of your world. This cheaper device also features the same in-screen fingerprint sensor the 16s has, which is fantastic!

The 16Xs also features a decently sized battery at 4,100 mAh which includes the company’s mCharge fast charging technology. Meizu says the screen-to-body ratio on this device is 90.29%. The display is another Super AMOLED specially designed by Samsung for Meizu. It’s 6.2″ and the company says it will be vibrant and also have blue-light protection.

Meizu always attaches great importance to camera specifications, and the 16Xs comes with a 48-megapixel camera to allow users to capture every gracious moment. Featuring Samsung S5KGM1 camera sensor and 48 million pixels, the sensor offers ultimate camera performance with rich detail.

Meizu 16Xs uses a customized black and white mono sub-camera to bring more light and richer depth of field, thus achieving a flawless portrait at night and stunning selfie. The newly added super wide-angle lens has an amazing 118.8° angle of view and an equivalent focal length of 13mm. Whether capturing a landscape or shooting attractions, it is able to produce extremely impactful and perspective photos.

The camera features ArcSoft-assisted front facing mode with HDR functions. Whether the sun is shining directly at your face or shinning behind you, the advanced portrait algorithm allows Meizu 16Xs accurately identify the edges of the characters and acquire more details from sets.

Meizu 16Xs
Great looking colors.

As far as performance, the 16Xs is using the Snapdragon 675 CPU and it’s nice to see the company migrating to Snapdragon CPUs. Most of the specs are very close to the 16s and we expect that this phone will be great for its price point.

The Meizu 16Xs comes in four colors, including Atlantean Blue, Coral Orange, Knight Black, and Silky White. The 6GB+64GB and 6GB+128GB versions are priced at 1698 RMB(US$245) and 1998 RMB(US$289), respectively. Pre-order of Meizu 16Xs will start at 10:00PM on May 30th and officially launches on June 10, 2019.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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