Why should you start using Standuply now?


Tired of useless and all-the-same online communication tools? Want to find something really special – something that will help you improve all internal processes and workflows in your team? If it is the case of yours, then it is time for you to start making Standuply Slack bot a part of your corporate communication culture.

Benefits of the Standuply Solution

It is a proven fact that having a structured and well-planned game plan, it is possible to reach better results in a short time term. What does it mean? Owing to detailed planning of the teamwork and scope of tasks to be completed within the next one/ two weeks, you can reach the maximum performance. This is what is called a scrum methodology.

According to the rules of the scrum, daily team meetings help the product owner to optimize the development and prepare the product or service for release on time and without any issues. Although it sounds an easy thing to do, this is just a theory. In practice, the scrum meeting can quickly turn from an effective short call into an incomprehensible routine.

How to provide the team with a useful daily meeting instead of turning it into a useless thing to spend time on? It would be a great idea to create a poll on Slack and use it as an instrument for input sharing during retro meetings, groomings, and sprint planning.


How Can Standuply Help You?

Organizing effective scrum meetings is not a unique talent which a product owner should have. Competent meeting preparation and conduct can be learned with the time; some skills can be acquired, and methodologies can be constantly improved. It is well-thought-out instruments that can make your life easier and help your team deliver qualitatively and in-time.

What makes Standuply special in this regard?

  • The solution boasts of high-end integrations – being a Slack app primarily use for scrum meetings, Standuply can be easily integrated with any other task management software and solutions widely used in the IT niche;
  • Standuply allows getting instant updates – get access to all the recent and interesting online posts and tutorials shared by your teammates. This all can make your teamwork more effective and interesting;
  • Use video and voice messages instead of chatting – it is sometimes easier and more effective to have a call, share a screen, or send a video, instead of simply typing a long text. This is where Standuply comes into play;
  • Synchronize all the business software with Standuply – forget about times when you or your colleagues were late for the meeting. Get all calendars synchronized and develop the most effective meeting schedule for all people in the team.

It has never been so easy, effective, and fun to plan sprint backlog, groom tickets, and hold retrospectives. Standuply changes stereotypes about effective teamwork.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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