Report from TrendForce confirms Samsung claim that consumers are buying more 65″ and larger TVs

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I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in with fellow journalists and industry analysts discussing the future of television technology including the trend to larger TVs. Samsung has been telling us that they are seeing a buying trend that tells them users now prefer TVs 65″ and larger. Now, a report from TrendForce confirms what Samsung has been telling us for the past 6-months.

TrendForce is provider of market intelligence in the technology sector and their latest research points to users increasing their TV screen size. The research company says that even with 32″ panel prices dropping in price, there have been no improvements in demand for such a small screen.

TrendForce goes on to say that 55″ panels are falling out of fashion and that sales are dropping in that size category as well. This is due to the fall in prices for 65″ panels. This is causing some TV manufactures to be sitting on an inventory of 55″ TVs they aren’t able to sell. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a major price drop on many 65″ TVs soon. TrendForce goes on to talk about the 65″ and 75″ production capacity saying this:

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As BOE’s Gen 10.5 Hefei line reaches full swing, and CSOT’s Gen 11 continues expanding, 65-inch and 75-inch panel supply will far surpass the needs of customers, leading to only one road for 65-inch and 75-inch panel prices: reduction. Panel manufacturers have even accumulated over a month’s worth of inventories in June, and are under heavy pressure to sell off their stocks: 65-inch products have slid by US$10, with ASP arriving at US185. As for 75-inch products, CSOT had to drive prices down to appeal to customers in order to keep the flow of shipments steady after its Gen 11 line began mass production in May, causing the 75-inch market to drop by 7-9% and ASP to crash below the US $400 threshold in June.

Now as CSOT has new production capacity for large-sized panels, perhaps not even BOE’s attempt to relocate capacity from 65- and 75-inch products to 43-inch products would be enough to mitigate the risk of prices falling.


Samsung has told me repeatedly that they are concentrating on the 65″ and larger market as that is where the growth is heading. We’re currently reviewing the 65″ Samsung Q90R, their flagship QLED TV, and we have seen a significant price difference in this years models versus last years.

We asked some of our MeWe readers and the results were about even between purchasing a TV under 50″ and a TV 60″ or larger.

TrendForce Samsung

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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