Why your car auction business should be sending emails every week


No matter how large or small your business is, email is one of the best direct marketing tools at your disposal. Offering a host of benefits, email marketing can reach a global audience wherever they are, many times arriving in the palm of their hand thanks to smartphones. Especially if you operate a business with ever-changing and ever-growing inventory, such as an online car auction, there are many reasons why your business should be taking advantage of sending its customers an email every week. Here are a few to note.

Email is personal

One of email’s biggest strengths is its ability to speak to specific aspects of a customer’s preferences or buying habits. Especially if a customer personally opted in to your email list by flagging themselves as someone interested in receiving promotions or information about your services, you know that they are open to hearing from you. Whether it be notifications of new car-care blog posts or a flash sale on salvage vehicles, alerting subscribers of important information pertaining to your business can result in highly effective marketing communications. 

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Email platforms offer you advanced remarketing tools, which in turn can increase an email’s ROI even more.

Email has a high ROI

Have you ever spent over $10,000 to send a postcard to a customer only to receive $6,000 in business? Maximizing your ROI is one of the most important aspects of any marketer’s budget, and email has a great return on investment across all verticals. In many cases, email’s ROI is almost double other platforms, meaning that you would have earned $10,000 on that postcard mailing if you’d instead chosen to save money and send an email instead. This factor, when coupled with the low monthly cost of most email platforms, makes sending email to your customers a win-win to maximize your profits.

Always keep in mind that when your business is online, so is your customer. In the case of an online auto auction, investing in high-quality online campaigns often results in a much higher conversion rate than if you attempt to meet your customer through mailers or local events.

Email helps you expand your audience

If you’re looking to reach a new niche, email may also be the best solution. Attracting new customers can be challenging no matter how big or small your business is, but with the ability to purchase email marketing lists, you’ll be able to reach a new audience in specific, measurable ways. For example, if you’ve just purchased a lot of salvage cars, you may want to expand your advertising to include mechanics and individuals who are interested in resale. These individuals may often have buying patterns and demographics that differ from the average individual looking to make a one-time purchase for personal use. By buying an email marketing list that targets a demographic like this, you can broaden your audience efficiently and successfully.

Email can reactivate customers based on user behaviors

Email platforms offer you advanced remarketing tools, which in turn can increase an email’s ROI even more. By scheduling triggered emails based on user behavior, you can build upon a customer’s previous interactions with your brand to really boost sales. For example, with car auctions online, you may see different users bid on a vehicle — and win the car auction — only to never bid again. Remarketing to these users based on past models and price points is a way to re-engage with your consumers and potentially convert them to buyers. Dynamic emails give you this power, integrating with your website’s API to send interested users the nudge they might need in order to make a car purchase from you.

With the ability to reach customers who want to hear from you, there’s no reason not to send marketing emails to your consumers every week. By drawing upon their buying habits to ensure that you offer a personalized marketing experience each time, you will be able to build rapport with while also sharing important products and information with them. The result is a highly-effective communication strategy which can lead to new sales overnight, giving your business more revenue to invest in its growth.

Last Updated on May 6, 2024.


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