iDevices introduces Instinct: An Alexa enabled smart light switch


Smart home accessories are a fast-growing category in the tech market and iDevices is adding to it today. The iDevices Instinct is an Alexa enabled smart light switch that is going to set you back US$99.95.

iDevices says the Instinct combines the performance of a Wi-Fi-enabled smart switch with the convenience of integrated voice control in Alexa. With Instinct, users aren’t just controlling a smart light switch with a separate Alexa device. Instinct is an Alexa device, giving users the ability to issue voice commands to control iDevices’ entire line of smart lighting, power, and HVAC solutions — in addition to any other Alexa-enabled smart devices.

“By combining Amazon Alexa with a smart light switch, counter space is no longer a barrier to whole-home voice control,” commented Chris Allen, president of iDevices. “Instinct is the epitome of sophisticated intelligence, functionality, and design — a critical breakthrough in the smart home evolution. It represents the latest innovation from iDevices and a clear shift in how we’ll interact with our homes going forward.”

The switch can be used to turn lights off from anywhere in the house. For example, a user in an upstairs bedroom can use Instinct to shut off lights left on in the living room or basement without having to go downstairs.

iDevices smart home Instinct smart light switch

Within the Amazon Alexa app, users can control and manage Instinct remotely, alongside iDevices and other Alexa-enabled products. Users can create Routines in the app to automate daily tasks, and access more than 90,000 Alexa skills that make Instinct even more powerful. With Instinct in an entryway, users can turn on their entire home with a single command the moment they walk through the front door. Users can also schedule lighting and other smart home accessories, or set them to adjust automatically when they leave or arrive home, adding efficiency and an additional layer of security.

In addition to smart home control, Alexa within Instinct serves as the on-demand personal assistant for anything. Just ask, and Alexa provides personalized weather and traffic updates, news, notifications and so much more. Instinct is the perfect solution for busy morning routines when sitting down to watch the news isn’t an option. While cooking, a user with full or dirty hands can ask Alexa for help with recipes, measurement conversions, and replacement ingredients.

Instinct features premium SOEN® Audio technology, enabling high-performance sound in a compact design – perfect for listening to music and podcasts throughout the home. The superior sound quality and design of Instinct make it the smart light switch for entertainment.

Unlike any light switch in existence, smart or otherwise, hidden behind Instinct’s rocker-style paddle are LEDs that appear like magic to form an Echo-style light ring and customizable night light controlled via the Amazon Alexa app. With far-field microphones integrated on-device, Instinct responds only when it’s the closest Alexa device. Instinct features a mute option directly on the switch, in addition to manual lighting control.

As with all iDevices products, Instinct is hub-free and compatible with iOS and Android devices. Instinct features automatic over-the-air updates, ensuring users are always running the most up-to-date software. When enabled, motion and ambient sensors built into Instinct will allow for additional home automation capabilities.

Instinct’s key features include:

  • Alexa built-in
  • Premium SOEN Audio
  • Dual-microphone design
  • LED light ring
  • Customizable LED night light
  • Amazon Music & Audible
  • Motion and ambient light sensors
  • Single-Pole, on/off
  • Standard install
  • Flexible silcone-coated wiring
  • Custom faceplate included
  • 2-year warranty
  • US-based customer support

iDevices’ new smart switch is available now on the company’s website or on Amazon for US$99.95.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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