Using tech: 3 tips for meeting your sales needs


Tech is reinventing the way customers consume media, get information, and do business. And this revolution in tech has seen a wide array of new tools and technologies that affect industries of all shapes and sizes.

But how do you know if your business is using the right tools to meet your goals? Here are three tips to consider if you’re looking to improve your sales with technology. 

Use lead databases when appropriate

Whether you’re marketing boats for sale or selling a B2B SaaS platform, getting in front of the right audience is crucial. In both of these examples, having your marketing campaign reach your target demographic could be the difference between a sale or your email being deleted.

Purchasing leads from a reputable company is one way to expand your audience and increase your digital marketing impact. Business leads are available based on a company’s industry, the number of employees, and even credit score. They’re also searchable based on a variety of geographic factors like city or zip code, so you’ll always be sure you’re reaching the appropriate business in your area.

Since email and direct mail, both have a good ROI, getting solid leads from a company that updates their lists regularly can help you grow your marketing footprint and translate to a higher volume of sales calls. 

CRM is for customers and your team

Using a robust CRM (customer relationship management) tool can also be useful in boosting your sales. One major benefit of a CRM like Salesforce is that it provides your sales team with incredibly detailed customer data. This kind of information is useful for marketing to and targeting customers with sales pitches based on a variety of factors, such as their purchase history.

But a good CRM can give you valuable data beyond the customer, too. A platform like Salesforce is also a handy tool when it comes to your team’s sales performance or progress towards a goal. This kind of information helps you set reasonable goals that stretch your team without breaking them, instead empowering them to harness all of the data at their fingertips to meet a bigger goal. The result is a sales team that works smarter and achieves more.

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Don’t overlook the tools you personally use outside of work

Social media is one other tool that can be a powerful way to engage with existing customers and attract new ones. While your company may already be running a lead gen campaign, some customers want to form a personal connection with a sales rep before they make a purchase.

Social media meets consumers where they already are and feels much more personal than a cold call. While Facebook and Twitter are two popular methods to engage with your potential customers, LinkedIn is actually better positioned for many sellers, particularly in the B2B vertical. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator has a variety of features that salespeople will find helpful, including a broad network of users and the ability to interact with specific people directly.

Additionally, the fact that LinkedIn lets you know who has viewed your profile means that you can reach out to potential customers who have expressed some interest in connecting with you whether or not they actually followed through. The result is a powerful, real-time platform that increases connection and promotes sales in a slick, personal way. 

While these tips may feel simple, that’s actually the point. Technology is making many aspects of a salesperson’s job easier, allowing them to focus more of their energies on the complex art of making a sale. By focusing less on attracting potential customers, you can let your sales team do what they do best: sell.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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