What is up with the Techaeris YouTube channel?


Doesn’t it seem like the dream of many people to have a YouTube channel? Actually, having a YouTube channel can oftentimes be a living nightmare. Many of you have inquired as to what’s happening with the Techaeris YouTube channel. Hopefully, I can answer that for you in this editorial.

Our YouTube channel has been around now since the start of this website, back in 2013. I never really put much effort into it because I was working a full-time job as well as working on the website. So the channel was sort of a place to host product videos given to us from manufacturers or crowdfunding campaigns.

But things changed last year in September. I found myself without a full-time job and threw myself into the website with both feet, determined to make Techaeris into something that could actually support my five kids and wife. Part of that was committing more time to the YouTube channel as well as organizing the business end of the website.

It has been a challenge, to say the least. I feel like I am now working more than I ever did with the combination of my full-time job and the site. The dynamics of what I do have changed, and keeping up with the website’s business end on top of writing and doing reviews is an awful lot more than I thought it would be.

In January, I decided to make a larger commitment to the YouTube channel. I figured I would do 2 videos a week and try and grow the channel. We actually did really well. In January we had just over 300 subs and now we’re well over 1,400 subs. That’s over 1,000 new subs in just under 10-months.

But if I am being honest with myself, running the website, writing, reviewing, and doing videos is destroying my mental state. I’ve fallen behind on reviews and other site matters that need tending to.

I was watching a video from Jon Rettinger, former owner of TechnoBuffalo, in which he recalled his struggle with website ownership and YouTube channel commitment. His story is my story. It’s tough to manage all of these hats at the same time.

So, what’s up with the YouTube channel? Well, it’s not going anywhere right now. That being said, I am going to scale back the videos I do. I can’t commit to a certain number of videos anymore. I will be doing videos as I feel they can be done and when I have time for them. While I’d love for YouTube to be a good revenue stream for us, the fact is, it is not. Right now, the website is our best revenue stream, and since I have a family to support, I have to concentrate on the website more than the channel.

There’s also the quality of my videos. While they are decent, they’re not exactly what I want to produce. I am consistently disappointed in myself because I know I can do better if I had the time. With CES 2020 coming soon, there’s a ton of other things I need to catch up on.

I appreciate everyone who is subscribed and everyone who is hitting those thumbs up. It all helps. Make sure you turn on notifications so you will be notified when videos do hit. I’m praying that once CES 2020 is over, we’ll be in a better position to devote more time to the channel. We appreciate all of you and all you do in spreading the word and helping Techaeris grow.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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