Can mobile devices improve organization and productivity?


Technology is constantly evolving and playing a vital role in the way we manage our work and personal lives. More specifically, technology has enabled us to communicate with others more efficiently, while also adding task-oriented applications into the mix that affect our organizational and productivity skills. The process of creating a schedule, outlining a to-do list and even setting reminders or alerts are now easier than ever before and are all made possible through the evolution of mobile devices. Even though mobile devices haven’t come close to reaching their full potential, they are already making a significant difference for users who want a digitized way of coordinating their day-to-day tasks.

More recently, mobile devices are being treated as a personal assistant. Instead of using a planner to outline your week, crafting a to-do list on a notepad or keeping paper files of personal information, there is a mobile app for almost everything associated with these efforts that can make a difference in the way you organize your life. Task-oriented platforms are created and made available to provide smartphone users with extremely customizable and personalized features too. Digital calendars and to-do lists can be labeled, color-coordinated and created with specific preferences in mind—highlighting personal touches that are unique to how you want to display your engagements during a specific time period.

In addition to using mobile devices to map out your to-dos, you’ll find that it can also remember your schedule and send updates to avoid forgetfulness. Other aspects of your life, such as your health, finances, and travel plans are all specificities that can be greatly affected by this modern way of monitoring your responsibilities.

mobile devices productivity
More recently, mobile devices are being treated as a personal assistant.

Here are a few of the areas that can be organized with your mobile devices:

Bank Account and Budget

Mobile devices are a central hub for personal finance apps and online bank accounts. Compared to the traditional way of banking, organizing your money through a personal finance app makes it possible to access your bank account on the go. Maintaining financial wellness with the help of your smartphone can offer you a unique no-fee banking opportunity and that assists in building your savings automatically overtime. This can also boost your financial confidence, as you’ll be aware of your wealth in the future.

Knowing how much you’re spending on each aspect of your budget, whether you’re keeping track monthly or annually, can contribute to creating an extremely successful budget. Budgeting is believed to be one of the best ways to keep a healthy outlook on your finances, and it can bring about a systemized approach to managing every purchase or deposit that goes in and out of your checking account.  If you’re looking for an easier way to oversee the changes that are made to your checking account from anywhere, it may benefit you to consider a personal budget app.

Travel Information

New services have recently emerged within the travel industry that are helping individuals successfully coordinate, book and experience a trip. From scheduling a flight to planning accommodations within your desired destination, mobile devices are now playing an important role in the travel-planning process. Almost every traveler looks for reliable companies that can offer low-cost flights or hotel discounts, as well as convenient methods to organize travel-related “must-dos.” Travel planning platforms display estimated prices for the exact date you want to travel and are represented along with a specific time period that makes booking low-priced accommodations an easy accomplishment. With all of the logistics located in one place, you can book travel plans in little-to-no time, with all of your specifications taken into consideration and in an organized and productive manner.

Health and Wellness

With smartphones, a method to access personal health information is right at your fingertips. Electronic health records and updates regarding a recent checkup can all be documented and monitored through an app or online software that connects to a doctor’s office—taking protection and security into consideration. If you’re sorting through your monthly to-dos and realize you’re in need of an annual physical or a seasonal flu shot, this can be scheduled manually on your mobile device. Without having to call the office for availability, in some cases, offices display available dates on a calendar within the app so you’re able to build your schedule accordingly and visit the doctor’s office at your convenience. You can be at work, school or shopping at the grocery store to be able to book appointments, which is what makes your mobile device so useful in the world of organization.

Maintaining a consistent fitness schedule is another way you can use your mobile device to promote great health and stay organized. For example, your smartphone can be a handy tool to monitor improvements in your diet, help you join a gym or even promote aspects of mental health through meditation. Your smartphone can be the key manager that affects or improves your schedule to accomplish these health solutions. Apps are available to install on your smartphone, so you can multitask working out and tracking things such as your heart rate, workout duration or mileage. Within these types of software, data is displayed in real-time, so you can view your progress throughout your workout or after you’re finished. This depletes the tendency of forgetting how long you performed a workout, what you did and for how long.

Additional Tips

As with keeping these apps and information on your smartphone, you run the risk of misplacing or breaking your mobile device. These choices of organizing your personal schedule are far simpler than they used to be, but it’s important to keep in mind the risks that come with it and prepare for the worst. Be sure to save your passwords to every application you use in case your smartphone breaks. As for medical information, ensure the outlet that you are using is secure and protected.

Using a smartphone is essentially the most popular way to link to online or digital services. Incorporating a mobile device into your daily lifestyle as a way to organize yourself in a productive manner may just be the hack you need to better outline your to-do list and maintain a stress-free lifestyle.

What is your experience with mobile devices and productivity? Are you more organized with them? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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