IFROGZ Airtime Pro True Wireless Headset review: An alternative to Airpods

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In a time where Apple’s Airpods are all the rage and just about everyone wants them or has them, some companies have decided to make some similar looking earbuds because of how Airpods look and fit. The IFROGZ Airtime Pro True Wireless Earbuds is one such option that does have a similar look to the Airpods — which isn’t bad by any means. The Airtime Pro’s come with up to 20-hour battery life, IPX4 rating, great sound, and more. Continue to read the full review below.


  • Drivers: 5mm
  • Resistance: 16 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: -42dB ± 5dB
  • Frequency: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Working Time: Up to 4-5h
  • Charging Time: 1-2h
  • IPX4 dust and water-resistant

What’s in the box

  • IFROGZ Airtime Pro True Wireless Earbuds
  • Charging case
  • Gel ear tips
  • USB Type-C charger
  • Manual


Starting out with the case, it’s a small enough size that it can fit in your front or back pocket of your pants, your purse, backpack, or wherever you need and won’t take up any sort of space. There isn’t a lot going on with the case other than the front having four little LED lights indicating how much charge is left on the case before it needs to be charged back up again. The left side of the case is blank while the right-hand side has the USB Type C charging port hidden behind a cover that protects the port. The bottom of the case has a little bit of battery information about the charging case and earbuds. Opening up the case, you’ll see two indents where the Airtime Pros sit in and charge when placed on top of the two gold connection pins that are on the back of each earbud.

Front and back of Airtime Pro earbuds

As for the Airtime Pros themselves, it’s going back to how the Airpods look with the earpiece attached to a stem with a chromatic ring at the bottom. On the backplate is the IFROGZ logo again along with an LED light letting users know that the earbuds are either charging, waiting to pair, or connected to a device. Off to the side on each earbud is a microphone hole
The inside of the earbuds will have an “L” and an “R” with those same gold connection plates I spoke about before.

When you’re using the earbuds throughout the day, they fit comfortably. At first, they were causing me some minor irritation but that’s only because they needed to be broken in. After a few uses, my ears got used to the earbuds. The gel ear tips as flimsy as they look, help out more than you think. It’s not like JLab’s cloud ear tips as far as comfort goes but they still fit securely in your ear.

The design has similarities to the Airpods, yes, but that doesn’t make them any better or worse than what Apple offers. Many people may dislike this design but it’s catchy so companies may or may not copy other true wireless earbuds.

Ease of Use

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 being utilized in these earbuds, it’s quick and simple for this and another device to be paired. You’ll need to start off by placing the two earbuds in the charging case for a few seconds and from there you can take them out to allow Bluetooth pairing to begin. Just choose “IFROGZ Airtime Pro” on the device you’ll be using and start listening to your music or watching videos.

Airtime Pro charging in charging case

Operating the Airtime Pros is a walk in the park once you get used to the controls. It’s not difficult to get used to these at all since both touchpads of both earbuds have similar actions. Say you’re wanting to play/pause audio, just tap on the earbud and it’ll start that action. If you’re listening to music and want to skip forward double-tap the right earbud whereas if you’re looking to replay the same song or go back to the previous song, you’ll double-tap the left earbud. There’s volume control on these earbuds and that’s a huge plus since other true wireless earbuds don’t have that feature. You’ll tap and hold the left earbud to turn the volume down and tap and hold the right earbud to have the volume increase.

Call control is also controlled by the touchpad of the earbuds, so answering/ending calls is a simple tap. A tap and holding will cancel an incoming call, while three taps will activate Google or Siri.

There were numerous times where I would accidentally hang up on someone when trying to readjust the earbuds in my ear as the touchpad is super sensitive.


Personally, I don’t know how Apple’s Airpods sound, so I can’t compare them but from all the other true wireless headphones/earbuds, these are my second favorite behind the Cleer Ally true wireless earbuds.

Each earbud comes with a 5mm neodymium driver that pushes enough sound to the point where it’s not unbearable nor makes it sound terrible. Don’t go around expecting these to have top-notch bass because they don’t. If you’re looking for something to blow your ears off you might as well get some wireless over the ear headphones. Any song that I’ve played came in clear and didn’t sound as if it was being blocked by something.

Airtime Pro charging case


The Airtime Pro’s come with Bluetooth 5.0, so that means the earbuds will be able to pair with the last device within seconds making it easier on the user instead of having to connect to both devices manually.

The range goes up to 35ft, which is pretty normal for any Bluetooth device out there. Going from my room to around the house with walls or doors in the way wasn’t an issue until you walked too far away from the device the earbuds are connected to. If you do plan on leaving your phone behind to run to another room or the kitchen or anywhere really, you’ll still be able to listen to music or be on a call without it starting to break up.

Call Quality

Here’s where I had a few issues. Nothing too serious mainly because it was a hit and miss sometimes. When I was on calls while driving people on the other end could hear everything around me such as my music or other cars driving passed me. Other times if I was at work or out and about background noise wasn’t being picked up.

Despite all that, I was able to hear everyone clearly on my end and didn’t have to ask anyone to speak up.

Battery Life

IFROGZ is stating that you can get up to 20 hours of playback with up to 5 charges from the included case. Always keep in mind that this can vary depending on the environment but users should get around 20 hours. Altogether, after multiple testings of the battery life, I was able to get a little over 15 hours which consisted of talking on the phone throughout the day or listening to music during my free time.

When the battery is fully drained on the earbuds, it can take anywhere between an hour and two hours. Most of the time I wouldn’t let them charge fully until I didn’t need them again, but that is a long time to fully charge back up. As for the case fully charging with the earbuds in them, it still took about two hours.


True wireless earbuds tend to come in a variety of prices depending on what the company wants to sell them for. IFROGZ is selling the Airtime Pros for US$69.99 and for that price, it’s affordable and worth picking up. Sure, there have been a few slight issues here and there but I think you’re getting what you’re paying for and that’s all that matters.

Wrap Up

At the end of all this, you’re asking would this be a headset I would recommend whether it’s for the price, features, or sound. My answer is absolutely, I would recommend the IFROGZ Airtime Pro to a family member, friend, or stranger who is thinking about getting true wireless earbuds for the first time or upgrading to something new. The price is affordable and the sound backs it up.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.

IFROGZ Airtime Pro True Wireless Earbuds




Ease of Use






Call Quality


Battery Life




Nailed it

  • Great design
  • Easy pairing
  • Volume control
  • Great sound

Needs work

  • Fair call quality
  • Would accidentally hang up on people
  • Lacking bass

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