Live facial recognition cameras are going live in London


Live facial recognition, it’s a technology we thought was only a Hollywood fantasy but it is real and it’s being deployed in London. Police will start using live facial recognition cameras in the United Kingdom’s largest city raising privacy concerns. While many appreciate law enforcements work at maintaining public safety, many just see this as an intrusion into citizens’ private lives.

Live facial recognition cameras were first used in the United Kingdom back in 2016 during the Notting Hill carnival. Police say these high-tech cameras will alert them when they spot anyone on their wanted lists. Police also say the cameras will be clearly labeled and they plan on handing out literature to residents about the new technology.

“The use of live facial recognition technology will be intelligence-led and deployed to specific locations in London,” the city’s Metropolitan Police said in a statement on Friday.

“This is an important development for the Met and one which is vital in assisting us in bearing down on violence.”

Live facial recognition London
Police also say the cameras will be clearly labeled and they plan on handing out literature to residents about the new technology.

Reuters reports that last year one man sued South Wales police saying his rights were violated by police using this same technology. The High Court ruled against the man and said the technology being used by police was lawful.

Responding to the ruling last September, the government’s Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter, said that police should not see it as a “green light” for generic deployment of automated facial recognition.

“It is an intrusive tool with human rights and public confidence implications which have to be considered,” Porter said.


Police will start deploying live facial recognition cameras in strategic locations which they believe will locate the most serious of offenders. Even as they move forward, those opposed to such technology will be sure to push back as much as they can.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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