Why AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the future of the cloud computing industry


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As per a report published by Linkers, the cloud computing industry is expected to become a 623.3-billion-dollar industry by 2023. Everything is moving to the cloud these days. More than 90 percent of companies are expected to use cloud technology by the year 2024. Cloud services like AWS (Amazon Web Services).

A brief description of cloud technology will be creating a virtual infrastructure for storing data aided by virtual networks, servers and software functionality. It eliminates your reliance on buying and maintaining physical data centers along with cutting down your costs involved in running physical servers for hosting your data.

The flexibility of data access from anywhere, storage capacity, and cost optimization are the key motivators for businesses to choose cloud infrastructure as a service over traditional setup. Ease of use and scalability of the cloud technology has revolutionized the ecosystem in which businesses operate not only in today’s times but also in the times to come. 

Why is AWS the most popular cloud platform?

First things first, Amazon enjoys the first-mover advantage. Amazon ventured into cloud computing with AWS as early as 2006 when everyone was skeptical about the potential cloud technology could have. Jeff Bezos did not have the assurance of market research and forecasts. He turned an idea into a booming reality. Bezos, by his own admission, has acknowledged the unusual advantage of a seven-year head start before some competition arrived resulting into far superior and functionally evolved services.

AWS takes the largest pie in the revenue share every year, recording a growth rate of 34% last year with a staggering 33% market share to close 2019. AWS has enjoyed sustained growth in the cloud industry over the years, setting benchmarks for others to follow.

What makes it the most reliable cloud service provider?

Amazon’s experience in the cloud industry makes it the most reliable cloud service platform. The platform was initially envisioned and built to provide backend support to Amazon’s online ecommerce business. However, the fact that Amazon hosts its own E-commerce application on AWS adds a lot of trust and credibility when businesses look for options to migrate to the cloud infrastructure

When it comes to security, AWS meets the criterion of 90 security standards and ensures adherence to certification requirements necessary to meet military grade security and stability. The platform provides 230 features to look after security and governance along with data encryption for all the 117 AWS services that store customer data.

It is indeed the most secured and robust cloud computing ecosystem. It has a global presence and expands into multiple locations, making platforms stable in order to eliminate outage and breakdowns.

AWS has branched out across 22 geographic locations globally with 70 availability zones. That’s the most by a cloud service provider. AWS is coming up with 16 new availability zones across 5 different AWS regions. Amazon leads the way in strategically decentralizing its data parks making them secure and feasible.

AWS Amazon Web Services cloud computing industry technology

Amazon’s relentless commitment to customer service gives them an edge

It is important to understand that choosing a cloud service provider has long term implications for your business. Once you choose a cloud service platform, you wouldn’t like to switch to another one unless a catastrophe hits your business. If you ever happen to come across Jeff Bezos’s principles for a successful business, you will find that customer focus is the number one driver for every business decision Amazon takes.

No other company prioritizes in understanding the needs of the customer as much as Amazon does. To give you an example, AWS has brought down its pricing 50 times, clearly emphasizing making the cloud platform accessible to all rather than running after profits.

 AWS leverages on its experience and pioneering product innovations to offer you the best customer services to last the complete business lifecycle. From startups and your favorite enterprises to public sector entities, everyone has happily partnered with AWS to migrate to the cloud. AWS has the widest exposure and experience to efficiently serve diverse customer needs across different industries.

A never-ending drive for innovation

In praise of the game changing innovation done by AWS in cloud computing Atlantic’s Robinson Meyer once stated, “It’s not an understatement to say that AWS is the piece of infrastructure that has enabled the current tech boom.”

AWS started out with only one service back in 2006. It now offers as much as 175 services, which speaks volumes about the drive for innovation. In 2014, AWS Developer Certification turned the idea of server-less computing into a reality by conceptualizing AWS Lambda. Managing servers was a problem for coders which Lambda solved seamlessly.

Another example would be Sagemaker, which enables developers irrespective of their experience to use Machine learning.

In 2016 alone, AWS added more than 1000 new features during the course of the year. At 3 new changes per day, one can gauge the dynamic and innovative mindset with which the AWS team is working to achieve cutting edge changes to the cloud industry every day.

Looking to get the most cost-efficient performance, AWS has you sorted. Choose from the widest possible databases as per your need to get the job done without compromising on performance.

AWS has been relentlessly innovating since its inception 15 years ago to add more feature-rich services to its list. Bigdata, AI, Internet of things, Machine learning, analytics, all emerging technologies you can imagine solving high end business problems are available on the AWS platform. AWS is much more than a mere cloud storage and database management platform. Talking about storage, AWS has 6 times more storage capacity then other cloud services operators.

Amazon’s service offers best in class pricing options to choose from

AWS was the first cloud service platform that launched the pay as you use pricing model. A coffee at Starbucks might cost you more than renting a server for a meager 5 dollars. Amazon has never failed to delight the customers with its revolutionary and flexible pricing options which other cloud providers followed.

It encourages the customers to use the services first and pay later along with a 12-month free tier system.

It brings the benefit of great discounting options to the customers on upfront payments and savings up to 75 percent over equivalent on demand capacity in case of reserved instances. It’s a great option to mitigate risks and better plan your organizational budgets. AWS has also introduced the concept of per second billing on specified services. AWS has been a step ahead of the curve and offers the most flexible pricing options based on understanding the requirements of the customers.

To sum up, AWS remains the number one choice as it offers the most agile, scalable, secure and cost-effective cloud services platform. It is driven by pioneering innovation leading the way for cloud service providers to follow. Amazon has not only redefined our shopping and entertainment experience, but it has also changed the manner in which businesses are done whether it’s a new startup or a Fortune 500 company. This is technology that penetrates across every segment in the industry with limitless possibilities to innovate rules the world.

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AWS Amazon Web Services cloud computing industry technology

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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