Top 8 iOS app development trends in 2020

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Mobile apps are expected to get $581.9 billion this year. However, there are a lot of competitors, so your app should stand out to reach success. Apple Inc. and its iOS take a significant part of the worldwide market. That’s why we’ve decided to discuss the top eight iOS app development trends for you to integrate into your application.

Trend #1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Of course,  these technologies aren’t new for development. However, ML and AI bring a lot of profit to various industries such as logistics, education, healthcare, and others.

There are a lot of ways to use AI in applications. For example, Artificial Intelligence helps Facebook show users more relevant content.

Let’s consider several AI use cases:

  • Suggestions. Artificial Intelligence assists in optimizing the searching process. This technology makes relevant searching suggestions along with spelling correction. For example, AppleMUsic suggests new songs and artists, depending on the users’ preferences.
  • Siri. AI allows Siri to become more intelligent, making its answers more accurate. For example, Siri will analyze the user’s location and make relevant suggestions.
  • Deep Learning. This technology is utilized to predict the clients’ demands. It leads to better predictions. For example, Netflix uses AI to recommend exciting movies and TV shows.
  • Speech Recognition. Artificial Intelligence helps recognize the users’ speech and create short can be profitable for learning foreign languages.

Apple offers developers to use the Machine Learning framework Core ML 3. It allows integrating speech recognition, speech recognition, and more into iOS apps.

Trend #2. Augmented Reality or AR

Augmented and Virtual Reality has changed the users’ expectations from technologies and innovations. Such AR games as Pokemon Go and Dino Trek have shown a small number of Augmented Reality opportunities.

One of the best examples of AR apps is IKEA. This application used Augmented Reality to improve customer experience and increase sales.

A lot of social media apps tend to use this technology. For example, Instagram animated masks (e.g. dog’s ears) are based on AR.

Apple Inc. provides various technologies to integrate AR into iOS applications. Among the most widespread are ARKit 3, Reality Composer, and RealityKit framework.

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Internet of Things

Trend #3. Internet of Things or IoT

Internet of Things connects various gadgets to transfer the required data.

Various industries can benefit from integrating this technology. For example, IoT in healthcare brings such changes as better patient experience and drug management. Such industries as logistics and agriculture also benefit from the Internet of Things technology. For example, IoT can provide better supply management.

The Internet of Things brings one significant change to society — wearable devices. IoT connects smartwatches and smartphones, bringing a new experience to the users.

Trends #4. Wearables

There are various wearable devices on the market, like fitness trackers, smartwatches, and others. They have different designs, so that users can choose.

Of course, the primary function of wearables is collecting data about health conditions. Users wear such gadgets all the time, so it’s easy to track various metrics like heart rate, steps, blood pressure, and so on.

One more useful feature is notifications. Users get notified about changes in their health conditions or new messages. Also, it’s possible to send notifications when the person is passing by your store with the help of iBeacon.

Wearable devices change such industries as healthcare and fitness a lot. A lot of apps have versions for Apple Watch. For example, users can send messages via Telegram using their smartwatch.

Trend #5. Cloud Integration

Cloud technology changes iOS app development since it allows storing a large amount of data.

Such applications run on the cloud increasing productivity. Cloud technology allows iOS apps to store a lot of information and conquer complicated tasks. As for iOS developers, the development is faster with this technology.

There are three main advantages of cloud integration. Let’s single them out.

  1. Scalability. Apps need to be upgraded regularly. Cloud-based solutions provide higher scalability.
  2. Cost reduction.
  3. Security.

Trend #6. iBeacon

Apple introduced iBeacon technology several years ago. This year, iBeacon is gaining its popularity.

What’s iBeacon?

Beacon is a wireless transmitter that can send signals with the help of Bluetooth. This connecting allows sending a notification to the user’s iPhone.

For example, the customers are passing by a store. But they don’t look at banners. The iBeacon sensors allow sending a message to their phones.

Trend #7. Chatbots

Technologies help make orders and get feedback faster. According to the latest research, over half of users prefer communicating with a chatbot.

Chatbots allow businesses to reduce expenses and offer a better customer experience. These days, users don’t need to wait for an answer for several hours. Of course, it leads to customers’ trust and loyalty.

Let’s consider several examples.

Starbucks has released an app. My Starbucks Barista offers users to order coffee. The customers communicate with a chatbot telling all the required details like location, time, payment method, and more. After that, users just need to pick their cup of coffee in the chosen cafe.

Such large companies as Amazon and Facebook use chatbots to provide users with instant feedback.

Trend #8. High-Security Level

There are a lot of various cybercrimes all over the world, so security means a lot. Apple inc. has created a great security system that needs constant improvements to protect all the personal data.

iOS 13 offers a lot of opportunities for developers to make more secure applications. For example, they can use AppTransportSecurity or ATS. This powerful tool has various chances to increase security. For instance, it improves the connection between iOS apps and web services.

The Bottom Line: What Is The Future of iOS App Development?

We’ve discussed the top eight iOS app development trends that you can follow to stay competitive on the market. Users become quite spoilt these days, so you should update your app regularly.

These trends can be used in various industries and bring positive changes. The healthcare field can offer better treatment with the Internet of Things technology. iOS development trends improve logistics with more effective supply chain management. As for Artificial Intelligence, it changes such fields as education and FinTech.

To sum up, iOS developers should focus on such trends as security, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things. Also, they need to consider wearable devices and Machine Learning. Creating or updating your iOS application, you need to integrate several trends to stay competitive on the market.

What do you think of these iOS app development points? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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