10 simple toy inventions that will kill your kid’s boredom


As many parents have been experiencing lately, keeping a child entertained and engaged throughout the day can be hard. Filling the hours without sitting kids in front of TVs, smart devices, and playing video games is more challenging than it can appear. Luckily, there are some great recent toy inventions that can help kill your kid’s boredom.

From outdoor games to classic favorites, here are ten simple toy inventions that are sure to make their playtime more enjoyable.

1. Chalk Drawers

toy inventions
10 simple toy inventions that will kill your kid's boredom 11

Chalk Drawers are an interesting prefabricated toy that puts a spin on classic sidewalk chalk. Shipped to your door are interestingly molded chalks that create patterns and designs sure to surprise. Chalk Drawers help to take the hassle out of creating art, and they get kids outside and into a creative space. Chalk Drawers are non-toxic and are a great way to spice up the sidewalk in any yard.

2. Time 4 Machines

Time 4 Machines
10 simple toy inventions that will kill your kid's boredom 12

Time 4 Machines is a company that produces kinetic models that are shipped in sheets. Much like the scale models of yesteryear, the sheet has parts that snap out and are assembled together. However, unlike those old models, Time 4 Machines models actually get up and move.

Time 4 Machines offers a few designs that range in price and complexity. Trains, planes, and cars are just a few to offer. If you have a child interested in building and creating, this is a gift to get. The models come with instructions that are easy to follow, but they are directed at children old enough to deal with small moving parts.

3. Trick or Tree

toy inventions
10 simple toy inventions that will kill your kid's boredom 13

Trick or Tree is a game that plays like reverse Jenga. In Jenga, players pull pieces from a tower and try to make sure the structure does not fall over. Trick or Tree flips this concept; players draw cards and must add magnetic pieces onto a “tree” base without it toppling.

The cards determine the shape and color of the next piece to be added. Kids will learn about how to distribute the weight of the pieces, and this toy build critical thinking skills as players must be imaginative with adding the pieces.

4. Kendama

10 simple toy inventions that will kill your kid's boredom 14

While the name may not be recognizable, the toy itself is. A kendama, better known as “ball-in-a-cup” or “string ball,” is a classic toy sure to provide hours of fun. The simple design that has been around for generations, and it is deceptively simple. There is only one goal: try to get the attached ball either balanced on the peg or in one of the side cups.

When your kids have mastered the basics, they can check out some of the freestyle videos for even more fun. YouTube is a great place to find lots of tricks, special moves, and new ways to play with these ancient toys.

5. Toybox 3D Printer

Toybox 3d printer
10 simple toy inventions that will kill your kid's boredom 15

Toybox is a kid-friendly 3D printer designed to get kids interested into STEM. The printer comes with integrated apps where kids can select from toys to print or create their own. Your child is sure to gleam when they see their very first toy come to life in the printer.

This toy is multiple toys in one. From pirates to horses and more, there are projects to print that will keep kids entertained and engrossed in the science behind its engineering.

6. Electro Dough Project Kit

electro dough project kit
10 simple toy inventions that will kill your kid's boredom 16

Another STEM toy, Electro Dough combines moldable dough with circuitry to create moving toys. The kit comes with multiple colors and amounts of dough, circuits, and instructions to create dozens of projects.

This is a new product that puts a classic spin on moldable dough and can really help to inspire your child’s inner scientist.

7. Beyblades

toy inventions
10 simple toy inventions that will kill your kid's boredom 17

A classic toy, Beyblades are “battle tops” that are customizable. Beyblades have become collectors’ items and have a following that has grown over the past decade. The toys vary in design, shape, weight, and will provide hours of fun.

Beyblades are a great way to build a little rivalry as well. You can even buy some to hold your own tournament inside and spend some quality time together away from screens.

8. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle

Think and Learn Cycle
10 simple toy inventions that will kill your kid's boredom 18

Along with the boom of in-home workout bikes, Fisher-Price has also created a version for your little cyclist. The Think & Learn Smart Cycle is a game with exercise built in. As kids pedal, they can interact with characters on apps via a tablet or TV. This invention takes video games and adds motion!

This toy is designed for those who want to let their kids keep playing games but include more exercise into their day. It is a perfect compromise for stubborn kids.

9. Lakeshore Ultimate Fort Builder

toy inventions
10 simple toy inventions that will kill your kid's boredom 19

The Lakeshore Ultimate Fort Builder kid is a modular system of wall pieces that kids can use to build forts and other structures. This is a great set to get for the kids who love to play imaginatively. Your fort can become a great wall outside of a city, a castle for a princess, or a secret hideaway for superheroes.

The set comes with multiple pieces that snap together for many configurations. Kids will spend hours trying different shapes and setups.

10. BANZAI Homerun Splash Baseball Slide

Homerun splash
10 simple toy inventions that will kill your kid's boredom 20

If getting kids out of the house more is your goal, this is the slippery option for you. This toy adds a twist to the classic yard game by modeling a baseball diamond. Kids can slide around the bases on their own, or you could host your very own World Series and play a full game. Whether it is inside or out, there are new toys that are sure to make your kid happy and engaged in something active. Sparking creativity and making playtime fun are some of the most important roles a toy can play. Don’t settle for another afternoon in front of the TV—give your kids and adventure to remember with toys from this list.

What do you think of these toy inventions? Are there any recent toy inventions you would recommend? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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