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You now find yourself having to work from home for the first time, and it’s all a bit overwhelming. It is wise to get tools to make your work station just right like having a portable stand for your laptop or wi-fi enhancer to make your life easier, and there are apps to consider that you might be missing out on.

These are just a few app tools that can help you work from home more efficiently. This is not an exhaustive list only a small list to help guide you. Be sure to do more research on other work from home apps that could potentially help you.

1. Fight Distractions app

One of the first apps you should consider installing is one that’ll help you fight distractions. Your phone gives you access to virtually anything you could want, which is great but could also be distracting.

These types of apps are there to ensure that while you are working you won’t be able to visit sites that could distract you. It’ll block access to sites and apps not related to work. You should keep in mind that it could take a person up to 23 minutes to focus after a distraction.

2. Team Messaging app

One thing that’ll make things easier for remote workers is having a team messaging platform. This will help organize communication with the rest of your team. Everyone knows how important communication is between team members, especially now when you are working remotely.

Live communication can be done through the platform’s instant messaging feature. You could also use the apps video call or voice feature if you need to communicate in those ways. Most of these apps also allow team members to put up a status to let others know if they are busy with a specific task. File sharing is much easier on these platforms. Screen sharing is usually another feature that good team messaging apps include.

3. Video Conferencing app

Dedicated video conferencing apps are important to have as well depending on your job. These dedicated video conferencing apps allow you to meet with multiple people at once in one large video call. You can still make one-to-one video calls with colleagues or superiors.

Still, try to keep in mind that certain apps work best when you need to talk to more than one person or when you are participating in a webinar. One of the best features of these apps is they allow you to record the meetings you have. You know how hard it can be to catch the information given to you all the time. Having the video recorded allows you to go back and review it whenever you need to.

4. Mindfulness and Peace app

The idea of working at home may sound like a dream, but the reality is it’s not perfect. A lot could happen at home that could make you stress out more than normal. For example, if there’s a lot of noise pollution where your home office is located, then this could stress you out.

The noise could be coming from outside, or it could be coming from within your home. Noise is not the only thing that could stress you out. You could also be having trouble keeping the peace at home to get work done. This is the reason those who are working at home will want to download a good mindfulness app. The way you find your peace could be different from another, so choose something that fits your lifestyle.

5. Remote Desktop app

Now that you can work from home, you can take care of work from almost anywhere as long as you have the internet. It will be relatively easy to review a file you’ve shared on a cloud, or maybe you want to have a video chat with a team member.

These are all great features, but one thing some people overlook is that you could access your desktop from your smartphone. All you need to do is download a remote desktop app that will allow you to access your main computer from nearly anywhere using nothing but your smartphone. Those days when you’ve got a few errands to run but have some free time during the day to work can now be spent on work, thanks to an app like this.

6. Task Tracking app

The next app you should consider now that you are working at home is a task tracking app. There are a few available. You have to pay for some of these and others you don’t, but they all try to do the same thing, which is tracking the time you’re taking on a task. You have to learn to time yourself so that you are as productive as possible.

You work at home now, so no one’s tracking your time, but it’s important. Some folks need this to stay focused or to simply work faster. It should be pointed out that tracking your work could also give you some power later on. If for some reason your superiors want to say you weren’t working, you could show them how long you have been spending on each task using your app. You could also use this app to help make your case if you are thinking of asking for a raise.

work from home
Email filter apps could help.

7. Email Filter app

The next type of app you should consider downloading is an app that filters your email. Now that you are working from home, you’re probably receiving more emails. It’s hard to concentrate if you check your smartphone continuously as it notifies you of new mail.

Most of the mail you get isn’t too important. This is the reason downloading a filtering app can help. The app uses smart tech to search through your email and filter out anything that isn’t important. You’ll only get notified when you receive an email from colleagues or your superiors. These types of apps can be customized so that it won’t notify you when you get emails from anyone else.

8. White Noise app

Some folks work with music on, and it helps them, but others don’t like this. If you are the type of person who is distracted by music, you might want to consider downloading a white noise app. These are quite helpful at drowning out other noises you might be dealing with. White noise can help you concentrate on the tasks at hand.

The type of noise you end up hearing could be anything, from something that resembles static to natural noises you might hear in nature like rain. Try to choose something that helps you stay focused when you most need it. You might need to try out a few apps to find the one that offers the range of noises you think will work best for you.

9. Scheduling app

At work, someone gives you all your tasks in the order they should be completed, but that’s not the same at home. This is the reason you want to download a scheduling app to help you work on the most pressing tasks. The tasks you take a little more time to finish will be left behind.

This should ensure you don’t miss deadlines. Each scheduling app is different, so just choose the one you feel will work best with your work style. Some people prefer to see a countdown while others want to know which task they should be working on right now. Try a few apps until you feel good about your choice.

These are just some apps out there that’ll make your work life a little better. Be sure to be on the lookout for additional apps you can download. Maybe talk to your team members to see what they are using to be more efficient.

These tools should help your work from home experience much better. What tools are you using to make your work from home experience better? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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