HÄNS Ultra-Clean review: A handy cleaning spray for your touchscreen devices

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Late last year, we reviewed the HÄNS Swipe-Clean, which worked well for smartphones and other touchscreen surfaces. The company is back with an arguably easier way to clean your touchscreen devices, especially larger ones. Our HÄNS Ultra-Clean review takes a look at a spray bottle version which comes with a handy cleaning cape. Read on for our full review.


HÄNS Ultra-Clean has the following features:

  • HÄNS Cleaning Solution has over 2.5 times the amount of active ingredients as the leading disinfecting/sanitizing wipe* without the waste
  • Proven formula – HÄNS’ formula debuted in the original, award-winning HÄNS Swipe–Clean in 2013
  • Designed to clean phones, tablets, computer touchscreens, keyboards, car touchscreens, air pods, VR glasses, covers, cases, cables, chargers + so much more
  • Active ingredients: Quaternary Compounds (Same blend as the leading disinfecting wipe, with roughly 2.5 times the amount) > 2.5% (exact concentration proprietary)
  • Non-active ingredients: Blend of compounds to achieve unique surfactant properties +/-90% (exact concentration proprietary)
  • Does not contain oxidizers, ammonia, bleach, strong acids, and strong alkali materials
  • *NOTE: During the EPA review process and despite having roughly 2.5 times the amount of pre-approved active ingredients needed to be classified as a disinfectant or sanitizer, this is not a claim that HÄNS Ultra-Clean is a disinfecting/ sanitizing agent. 

What’s in the box

  • HÄNS Ultra-Clean 8 Ounce Bottle Size
  • Cloth cleaning cape


To be honest, there’s not much to say here. HÄNS Ultra-Clean comes in an 8-ounce spray bottle. The bottle is adorned with a fun comic-style label with a HÄNS hero fighting a large gross looking piece of bacteria.

HÄNS Ultra-Clean label artwork
HÄNS Ultra-Clean to the rescue!

It also comes with a cleaning cloth that the company calls a cape. The cape is adorned with the HÄNS logo and has a hole on one edge. As one would suspect, this hole allows it to be hung over the spray pump of the bottle, forming a cape around it — hence the name.

Ease of Use

As with the design section the HÄNS Ultra-Clean is easy to use. Simply remove the cap from the spray pump, spray onto the cleaning cape, then wipe clean the touchscreen surface on your smartphone, laptop, or vehicle entertainment unit. It can even be used to clean covers, cases, chargers, keyboards, mice, and more.


Before we get into how well HÄNS Ultra-Clean works, we should mention a couple of things. First, even though the company states that the product has over 2.5 times the amount of active ingredients as the leading disinfecting wipe, they can’t classify the product as a disinfectant. This is due to the EPA claims process taking over two years to complete.

The second point is that HÄNS Ultra-Clean should only be used on touchscreen and other smooth surfaces and not non-touch monitors or TV screens. As per HÄNS:

The Nylon computer screens we are referring to usually are meant not to be touched and when they are, they absorb oils or any type of water or solution that is put onto them. These can be found on desktop computers and laptops and will usually have anti-glare or other anti-reflective coatings on them which vary greatly by manufacturer and can be temperamental. This is also the case with TV screens as each manufacturer usually uses a different coating on their screen. For these types of screens, we advise on using a dry portion of the cleaning cloth. 
Generally, if a touchscreens such as GPS systems is meant to be touched by a user, it is OK to use HÄNS on.

That out of the way, I’ve used HÄNS Ultra-Clean to clean the touchscreen on my laptop, my Pixel 4 XL, various keyboards, and even my laptop palm wrest. It’s easy to use, as previously mentioned, and I found that only a couple of sprays onto the cleaning cloth was sufficient for most devices.

As we can’t speak to the exact sanitizing properties of the product, it does a great job cleaning smudges and dirt off of touchscreen and other devices.


An 8-ounce bottle of HÄNS Ultra-Clean will set you back a mere US$14.95. While there are likely cheaper products, this one was developed with touchscreens and other electronics in mind.

HÄNS Ultra-Clean and cleaning cape
HÄNS Ultra-Clean and cleaning cape.


If you’re like me and despise screen smudges or are generally just concerned about keeping things clean, HÄNS Ultra-Clean works well on touchscreens and other computing devices.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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