Infographic: Cybersecurity for the post-Covid economy


If there is one thing we have learned from the pandemic, it’s that we are woefully unprepared, and not just for viral outbreaks. The sudden shift to doing everything remotely has exposed our cybersecurity weaknesses, as well. As a result, hacking and phishing attempts are way up — between February and March of this year, such attacks increased by 37%. How can we keep things secured and prepare for the next major lifestyle shift?

There’s a good possibility that a cyber pandemic could be around the next turn. Now that hackers can see how vulnerable and unprepared we are for minor shifts in the way we do business; we could be exposing ourselves to the next big hacking attempt.

A cyber attack could spread faster than a viral pandemic — up to nine times as fast as the novel coronavirus — and lay dormant for months while it spreads, undetected. By the time the cyber pandemic is activated, it could be too late, bricking, or wiping 20 million devices. The recovery from such an attack could grind the whole economy to a halt, costing millions or even billions to recover from.

Even an attack on the infrastructure of the World Wide Web could lead to serious consequences. A global internet outage could cost $50 billion a day, while a data center outage could lead to losses of $12 million per day, and an outage that affects manufacturing plants could mean losses of $60 million a day. Outages of retail systems, in addition to preventing people from accessing the things they need to survive, could also cost $5 million per day in losses.

The pandemic has shown us how unprepared we are for changes and challenges. This is an opportunity to beef up our cybersecurity efforts and methods to ensure a cyber pandemic isn’t the next major disruption to our economy. Learn more about cyber pandemics and how to address the threats from the infographic below.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.

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