EarFun Free Pro ANC Wireless Earbuds review: Improvement over previous model

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We’ve reviewed EarFun’s Free TWS earbuds in the past, and we rated them pretty well. The next latest true wireless earbuds from the company are the EarFun Free Pro. Released a year later than the previous model, they offer some new features.

This upgraded model features Active Noise Cancellation, an ambient mode, up to 7 hours of battery life per charge (32 with included charging case), Bluetooth 5.2, and more. Read on for our full review.


Bluetooth Version5.2
Bluetooth Frequency2.402GHz-2.48GHz
Bluetooth ProfileA2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Max Working Range15m / 49ft (without obstacles)
PlaytimeANC Off: Up to 7 hours, 32 hours total with charging case.
ANC On: Up to 6 hours, 27 hours total with charging case.
Charging Time1 hour for earbuds
2 hours for charging case via USB-C
3.5 hours for charging case via a wireless charger
InputDC 5V / 1A
Dimensions67 x 25 x 31mm

What’s in the box

  • Earfun Free Pro
  • Charging case
  • Ear tips (XS, S, M, L)
  • Ear hooks (S, M, L)
  • USB-C cable
  • User manual


EarFun has some pretty decent designs when it comes to their earbuds. The EarFun Free Pro, in this case, follows suit. At first glance, when you see the Free Pro in the case, you’ll notice how small they are. EarFun has their logo placed on the outer glossy touch plate with a microphone hole next to it. The sides of the Free Pro have ear hooks to allow the earbuds to fit securely in your ear. On the inside of the earbuds, you’ll see two gold connector plates and gel ear tips.

In the manner of speaking of how small the Free Pro earbuds are, they fit pretty comfortably. Over the course of wearing them for a few hours, they did start to cause my ears to hurt. After having them out for 20 minutes and placing them back in, my ears did get used to them again. Different sized ear hooks come in the box for those who have different sized ears than I do.

EarFun Free Pro inside case charging.

The case, on the other hand… I don’t think I’ve seen something this small. Compared to other TWS earbuds cases I’ve reviewed or seen, this case is smaller. EarFun’s logo is printed on the glossy top, which shows fingerprints in certain lighting. On the front is a small LED light that changes colors depending on the battery life left in the case. Above that is an indent to make opening the case easier. The backside has one port, and that’s the USB Type-C charging port.

The inside of the case is similar to other TWS cases out there. It’s molded to fit the earbuds with gold connector pins for recharging the buds.

Personally, I think that the small case is great. It’ll fit in pockets without taking up much space. The same goes for the earbuds.

Ease of Use

Getting down to operating the EarFun Free Pros, it’s a matter of pairing the earbuds with the device you’ll be using. Take the earbuds out of the case, place them in your ear, and select “EarFun Free Pro” in your device’s Bluetooth settings. You’ll hear a voice letting you know they’re paired.

With no physical buttons on the earbuds, it’s all touch controls that are easy to understand once you get used to them.

  • Play/Pause: Tap twice on the left or right earbud
  • Next Track: Tap three times on the right earbud
  • Volume Up: Tap once on the right earbud
  • Volume Down: Tap once on the left earbud
  • Answer/End Call: Tap twice on the left or right earbud
  • Reject Call: Tap and hold for 2 seconds on the left or right earbud
  • Answer and transfer two calls: Tap three times on the left or right earbud
  • Noise Cancelling: Tap three times on the left earbud
  • Low Latency: Tap and hold for 2 seconds on the left earbud
The EarFun Free Pro has a small minimal case.

The charging case LED is also easy to understand when it comes to knowing when it needs to be recharged.

  • Green: > 30%
  • Orange: < 30%
  • Red: < 10%
  • Flash red: < 5%

Overall, using and understanding the EarFun Free Pros are easy. They pair within a few seconds allowing you to start listening to music or watching videos.

Sound Quality

As someone who has used EarFun products in the past, I can tell you that the Free Pros’ sound quality is much better than the previous model and sounds like the EarFun Air we reviewed a few months back.

The highs and mids are well balanced, while the lows are boosted a tad bit to give that extra push in the bass category. As for having ANC turned on, that boosted the sound quality a bit more but offered more bass. The sound gets loud enough and ends up canceling out just about all background noise around you.

The EarFun Free Pros have a noise-canceling microphone for blocking out sounds.

The EarFun Free Pros offer an ambient sound and normal mode, along with a low latency mode for those who will be streaming some videos. Normal mode is what the earbuds start with, where the highs and mids are balanced with boosted lows. Ambient sound is here to keep you aware of your surroundings, but the drawback is with the Free Pros is you can’t really tell if it’s working or not. I could just barely hear others talk around me as if the normal mode was still on.

Low latency is a newer feature in TWS earbuds. With this feature, any video you watch shouldn’t delay when you hear the sound and see the video playback.

Call Quality

When it comes to the call quality of the EarFun Free Pro, they did pretty well. Sitting in a quiet place such as my room or non-moving vehicle, people could hear me really well. While driving (hands-free, of course), those who were on the other end said they could hear me clearly with barely any background noise.

Battery Life

The Free Pro get up to seven hours of battery life with the buds and up to 32-hours with the charging case if ANC is turned on. However, if you prefer to have ANC on, you’ll get up to six hours with the earbuds and up to 27-hours with the case.

While testing battery life out, ANC on and off, I was able to get close to the specified hours that EarFun claims. I was off by one or two hours, but that’s only due to the louder volume during certain times.

When it comes to recharging the Free Pro, it takes up to an hour for a full charge to complete depending on how much battery life is left in the buds. An hour isn’t too bad, but if you’re leaving the earbuds in the case anyway, you won’t notice a difference.

The case does get charged via Type-C and can take up to two hours for a full charge. As for charging the case wirelessly, that does take the longest, coming in at three-and-a-half hours. If you’re in no rush to go anywhere, these long charging times won’t be an issue for you. You can always charge the case overnight or while you’re using the earbuds.

It’s odd to see no quick charge feature that’ll give you an extra hour or two by leaving it in the case for about 10 minutes. Not a deal-breaker, but it may bother some people who are looking for a quick charge.


EarFun is offering the Free Pro on their site or Amazon for US$59.99. The price the company is offering is pretty competitive for what all you get. ANC, up to 32-hour battery life total, and a minimal design.

If you are interested in purchasing these earbuds, EarFun is giving an extra 10% off when you use the “FREEPRO20” code on Amazon.

Wrap Up

Are they worth purchasing? Honestly, yes. I believe they’re good enough for anyone to use. Especially with a long battery life of up to 32-hours, ANC and only costing $60.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.

EarFun Free Pro ANC Wireless Earbuds




Ease of Use


Sound Quality


Call Quality


Battery Life




Nailed it

  • Small case design to fit anywhere
  • Great sound
  • Long battery life for TWS earbuds

Needs work

  • Can't tell if Ambient mode is on or off.
  • No quick charge

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