Verizon Home LTE hits its first issues with users, including me :-(


Back in September 2020, I moved my family to a rural location in Missouri. When we moved in, the only option for internet service was CenturyLink’s 15MBps package. Advertising that package at 15MBps is generous as we only got an average of 7MBps download, and it took well over 24-hours to upload a 4K video to YouTube. It was pretty frustrating until Verizon Home LTE showed up.

I ordered Verizon Home LTE in November and have been a pleased customer since. I also reviewed Verizon Home LTE and awarded it an Editor’s Choice award. I still stand by my review because it is the best option for many rural customers like myself. That being said, the service is starting to hit its first issues with customers…including me.

It has been about 2-weeks that we’ve been experiencing some issues. The specific issue revolves around losing connection consistently. Laptops, mobiles, tablets, TVs all would lose connection at some point. The strange thing is the connection would be lost on only some devices but remain strong on others.

Another issue is our 2.4GHz network was no longer able to connect to anything. The 5GHz network is currently our only option. Furthermore, once the connection was lost to some devices, I couldn’t access the router via a connected device. I reset the Home LTE router by unplugging, waiting 5-minutes, then logging back into my devices.

Verizon Home LTE frustration

Once I was able to get into the router, nothing looked out of the ordinary. I’ve reached out to Verizon to find out what this issue may be. My Home LTE router is on the current firmware (204953), and the only thing that looks bad is the signal strength with only two bars, but there aren’t many options in placement here.

There is currently an ongoing conversation about issues with the Home LTE router and service on Verizon’s community page, so it seems I am not the only one having issues. Many of the comments on this page are exactly the issues I’ve faced, but I’ve yet to find any solid solutions. I’m still going through the community parsing the comments to see if I can find a fix.

I’ve already reached out to my Verizon contact to get some more solid answers from the Verizon support team, and hopefully, I’ll hear back soon. Right now, I just finished restarting my Home LTE router to write this article.

I do still think Verizon Home LTE is our best option for the price and the speeds we get, but it is frustrating when our kids are in the middle of tutoring and they lose connection. It’s also frustrating when I’m in the middle of working and the connection drops. Hopefully, Verizon gets things sorted soon.

Do you have Verizon Home LTE? Are you having issues? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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