Faderhead 2077 review: The soundscapes will put you in the mood

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Faderhead has a new 6 song EP to coincide with the release of Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt Red. Let’s say this is Faderhead’s interpretation of the Cyberpunk world… and what a gloriously dark and electro interpretation it is. While not officially connected to the game in any way, this will put you in the mood to pick up your controller (or mouse and keyboard) and get your game on.

Who is Faderhead?

If you don’t know who Faderhead is, then let me fill you in. He’s an artist from Germany who creates a mix of Dark Techno to Depeche Mode electronic music. His style, I would say, is pretty unique to electronic music in that he has these melodic soundscapes that he uses to really pull you into the world he creates via sound and this crooning voice that can turn into a distorted scream when the moment calls for it.

Faderhead 2077 album artwork techaeris
Faderhead 2077 album artwork

Faderhead 2077 – Music | Vocals | Impressions

Right from the start, we get a pulse-pounding intro with “Move Harder.” I love the distorted vocals and the sonic assault of a techno world within the mind. The second track, “Cyberpschosis,” is like opening the door to a club at peak climax to an adrenaline-fueled dance by the light of neon and ecstasy intoxication. You get the familiar smooth crooning vocals from Faderhead on the verse and then the guttural and distorted chorus, all the while the music is the core to keeping you moving (or playing, as the case may be).

This leads right into “The Harsh Rejector,” which has a very visual soundscape. The only lyrics are the track’s title, so it’s more about pulling you into this cyberpunk world and filling your head with images that you create from the soundscape itself. After that, we hit the melodic and crooning “Still Searching for You.” It’s that melodic slower tempo track that still has peaks and valleys of pure electronic mood. You can sit back in your chair and get lost in the chill vibe that will echo through your mind. “Booster” will then throw you back into a sonic vibe reminiscent of a darker Depeche Mode fronted by Billy Idol.

It’s that Faderhead crooning over the melodic electro music that sticks with you. The final track is called “Prime,” and it feels and sounds like an electro heartbeat from an AI that just keeps pulsating and keeping you alive. With minimal lyrics that go from almost a whisper to a scream, the music is the main focus here again. The soundscapes paint the picture of a cyberpunk world of AI, cybernetic attachments, and the dark neon-lit streets. Good stuff all the way through. 

You can find 2077 by Faderhead on pretty much any of the streaming services you subscribe to. 

Wrap up

I highly recommend all of the music in Faderhead’s arsenal. If this is your first dip into his sound, then it is an excellent place to begin, especially if Cyberpunk 2077 has got you in the mood for electro music with dark and melodic vibes.

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