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I knew that Spawn’s Universe was coming. But do we need it?

When Spawn was a horror book, Todd wasn’t the one writing it. It was firing on all cylinders at that point, and it was a joy to read.

I collect Spawn comics. I have every issue. The first 50 in physical form, from when they first came out, and then all of them in digital form. I knew this “interconnected universe” was coming, and I have thoughts on Spawn’s Universe.

Spawn Is An Utter Mess Right Now

The reason, Todd McFarlane is not a good storyteller (beyond the big general picture). He’s been introducing “Team Spawn” for months now, and I had a feeling it was leading to this. With at least the last 12 issues, all I can tell you is, it introduces new characters. However, the plot is so convoluted and disjointed that reading it monthly has been a real effort in patience.

This Character Works Better As A Horror Book

When Spawn was a horror book, Todd wasn’t the one writing it. It was firing on all cylinders at that point, and it was a joy to read. Spawn as a character is in his element in a horror setting. This pivot back to superhero, and now Team Spawn (Spawn’s Universe) feels very fabricated.

Spawn’s Universe Is About Merchandise Sales

This isn’t about the new books or stories; this is about toy sales. Spawn has seen a resurgence as a book, but it is still a loss leader that sells McFarlane Toys. Maybe it is even a way to sell movie scripts of different Spawn characters (Medieval Spawn, Gun Slinger Spawn, Ninja Spawn, etc…)

Spawn's Universe
Some of McFarlane’s artwork

Final Thoughts

Todd MacFarlane has always talked a big game. While his ideas for a movie reboot haven’t exactly panned out and come easy to him, he does have the ability, and full control, to do whatever he wants in the comic. He’s still the biggest head honcho of Image. I have to wonder if Spawn’s Universe and King Spawn will keep the voluntary price control of US$2.99 or if they will fall in line with other comic companies and go US$3.99 to US$4.99?

I will end up getting these new books when they are released, but as much as this is a “jumping on point” for some, it is making out to be a great “jumping off point” for longtime followers. I highly doubt McFarlane will ever take the character back to his horror days. This may be another case of the MCU (connect all things) having an ill effect on something beautiful without the connections.

On a side note… I know that I’ll grab a Ninja Spawn figure when it comes out.

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